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A major goal of the GBTAC Fort Brooke District this year is to support the Packs and Troops. Part of that is providing information about events that might be of interest, the idea being that these activities take some of the pressure off unit leadership and give the Scouts access to more good activities and programs. The activities list is below. There are more FBD activities on our website, which you can find at the end of the list.

Share the activities list with your Scouts and their families.

Tell us what we can do to better support you. We are changing lives, one Scout at a time.

Thomas N. Palermo, Fort Brooke District Chair

Michael Bagge-Hernandez, Fort Brooke District Vice Chair

Michael Eldert, Fort Brooke District Commissioner

Jeremy Twachtman, Fort Brooke District Director



What:  2021 Scouting Spectacular at Clearwater Threshers Game – Explore Scouting interactive challenges throughout the ballpark from 5-9:30pm.  Previous years activities include The Monkey Bridge, GaGa Pit, Pinewood Derby, Cornhole, Raingutter Regatta and more! Fireworks post-game!  Get your free passport booklet stamped at each exhibit/activity, then report to the Welcome Area to choose your prize.

When:  Saturday, July 17, 2021 – 5:00-9:30pm

Where:  BayCare Ballpark, 601 Old Coachman Rd., Clearwater, FL 33765

Cost:  $20 per participant, 4 and under free (includes game ticket and All You Care To Eat at the Hot Corner Cafe’ from 5:00-7:30pm)

Registration:  https://scoutingevent.com/089-scoutspectacular


What:   Fort Brooke Cub Scout Summer Activity Series – Shooting Sports:  Join us a Camp Soule’s Fort Casey, and help your Cub earn their rank specific Shooting Sports badge. Fort Casey will be set up for BB guns and a wrist rocket range (for Lions), and the “Back 40” will be turned into a series of Archery Ranges.

When:  Saturday, July 24, 2021 from 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where:   Camp Soule, 2236 Soule Road, Clearwater, FL  33759

Cost:   $5 per Scout, adults and siblings no cost

Registration: https://scoutingevent.com/089-45916


What:   Fort Brooke Cub Scout Summer Activity Series – Water Sports:  Enjoy dock and shoreline fishing on the banks of the scenic Lake Chautauqua. Take out a kayak or canoe at Camp Soule’s waterfront. Enjoy the Olympic sized swimming pool.

When:  Saturday, August 14, 2021 from 9:00am – 1:00pm

Where:   Camp Soule, 2236 Soule Road, Clearwater, FL  33759

Cost:   $5 per Scout, adults and siblings no cost

Registration: https://scoutingevent.com/089-45915


What:  Greater Tampa Bay Area Council One Day Fun Day:  Camp Brorein, Camp Soule, Sand Hill Scout Reservation and Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation will all be open to Scouts, Scouters, and the community.  Bring your friends to your favorite camp, or visit a new one.  Scouting activities throughout the day.

When:  Saturday, August 28, 2021 

Where:  Every Greater Tampa Bay Area Council camp

Cost:  Free of charge

Registration: Not necessary.


There are additional events and activities listed on the Council website: www.tampabayscouting.org

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District Support

District Roundtables (Online Virtual)

Roundtable is a form of commissioner service and supplemental training for volunteers at the unit level. The objectives of Roundtables are to provide leaders with program ideas, information on policy and events, and training opportunities.

 District Committee Meetings

The entire district committee, chaired by the district chair, meets on a regularly scheduled monthly date. The purpose of district meetings is to build momentum, provide group continuity, ensure good coordination, and make specific assignments to committee members. The district commissioner reports on the special needs of units and requests the help of operating committees to meet those needs.

 District Commissioner Meetings:

Commissioner Service is the group within the Boy Scouts of America that provides direct service to each Scouting unit (pack, troop, team, crew or ship). Commissioners are experienced Scouters who help chartered organizations and unit leaders to achieve the aims of Scouting by using the methods of Scouting. They help to ensure that each unit has strong leadership and they encourage training, promote the use of the unit committee and encourage a relationship with the chartering organization.





Michael Eldert District Commissioner michael.eldert@gmail.com

(757) 438-0830

Crew 0028, Crew 0148, Crew 0180, Crew 0212, Pack 0004 (B), Pack 0009 (F), Pack 0012 (F), Pack 0016 (F), Pack 0018 (B), Pack 0019 (F), Pack 0022 (F), Pack 0023 (B), Pack 0025 (F), Pack 0037 (F), Pack 0038 (F), Pack 0045 (B), Pack 0046 (F), Pack 0053 (F),
Roger Kline Asst. District Commissioner rfg142000@yahoo.com

(813) 313-9456

Pack 0018 (B), Troop 0068 (B), Troop 0315 (B), Troop 0315 (G)
Mark Kriz Asst. District Commissioner mwk.scouts@gmail.com

(813) 843-4020

Pack 0023 (B), Pack 0064 (F), Pack 0310 (F), Troop 0047 (B), Troop 0064 (B)
Dr G.S. Torres Asst. District Commissioner drgtorres@verizon.net

(813) 786-5196

Crew 0339, Pack 0339 (F), Troop 0217 (B), Troop 0339 (B), Troop 0339 (G)
Christopher Perry Unit Commissioner/Roundtable Commissioner christopher.perry@baycare.org

(813) 245-6990

Troop 0140 (G)
Matthew Cordani Unit Commissioner/Roundtable Commissioner mattcordani@yahoo.com

(727) 238-9759

Crew 0339
Sharon Canty Unit Commissioner Sjaecan@aol.com

(813) 325-6277

Pack 0064 (F), Troop 0064 (B)
David Logsdon Unit Commissioner dllogsdon@gmail.com

(713) 503-4324

Pack 0022 (F), Troop 0022 (B)
William Morris Unit Commissioner bjmorris300@gmail.com

(813) 477-3169

Pack 0188 (F), Pack 0202 (F), Pack 0217 (B), Troop 0202 (B)
Don Rima Unit Commissioner vicki@tampataxcoach.com

(813) 244-0283

Pack 0329 (F), Troop 0329 (B)
Holly Stoneburner Unit Commissioner chjrstonebruner@gmail.com

(813) 835-0203

Pack 0004 (B), Pack 0019 (F), Troop 0019 (B)

Youth Protection Training

The online Youth Protection Training System can be a little confusing.  Here is a step by step guide to get you started.  If you already know your my.scouting.org login, then you can skip to page 9.

Online Training Instructions

Unit Leader Resources

Here are some online resources, forms and applications that can help you with your unit.

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Forms Page
Scroll to the bottom to get council specific forms such as requesting a General Liability Insurance Certificate

Cub Scout Packs
This page is from National and contains a ton of great resources for your pack including resources for each Den.

Leader Helps
Material from local volunteers to help your pack or troop run smoother.

Adult Awards

Please submit Applications for Adult and Leader Awards using the district online form.  This allows us to keep track of them and make sure they are awarded in a timely manner.

Online Adult Award Submission

List of Awards with Applications


Fall recruitment is coming up fast. Please contact our District Director (Jeremy) with any questions, concerns or comments relating to our fall recruitment season.

Meeting Schedule

District Roundtable Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month, beginning at 7 p.m. These meetings will be held virtually (on Zoom) until further notice. Specific links for the Zoom call will be emailed and posted to Facebook.




Commissioner Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:45 – 7:30 p.m. via Zoom

District Committee are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 7:30 – 8:30 p.m. via Zoom

District Volunteers

Position  Volunteer 
District Chair Judge Thomas Palermo
District Vice Chair Judge Michael Bagge-Hernandez
District Commissioner Michael Eldert


Assistant District Commissioner John Gray


Activities & Civic Service Chair Tom Knotts


Advancement & Recognition Chair OPEN
Camping & Outdoor Promotion Chair OPEN
Finance Chair OPEN
Membership Chair OPEN
Order of the Arrow Chair Gene McColgan


Program Chair OPEN
Marketing & Communications Co-Chair OPEN
Marketing & Communications Co-Chair Mark Kriz


Training Chair Matt Cordani


Round Table Commissioner Chris Perry


District Professionals

Position Professional
District Director Jeremy Twatchtman


District Executive OPEN
Director of Field Service Dwayne Jones

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