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The end of the calendar year is upon us and this means several things in the Scouting world: recharter, final recruitment push, reporting for JTE, and more. To help with communication on several of these items, please look at the following information so you, along with our district, can end the year strong.

End of year RecruitingIf you are interested in participating in any active recruiting for your unit before the year is over, please let your district leadership know so that we can most effectively help.

Our goal as a district is 10% growth and we have a lot yet to do to reach that goal.

Additional ApplicationsIf you have any additional applications waiting to be turned in, please DO NOT wait until recharter to do so. Turn them in ASAP so we can get them into the system and on the roster for you. This is very important for insurance reasons.
Recruiter IncentiveTo incentivize peer-to-peer recruitment, if any scout recruits another scout by November 20th, they will receive a special Recruiter patch. This means that the recruited scout must be signed up with application in hand of the district by the 20th. If five or more scouts in a unit receive the patch, the unit will receive a district sponsored ice cream social in December (details to come later).

Great American Teach-InOne opportunity for recruitment this fall is the Great American Teach-In in


Please make sure that you are aware of the JTE scorecard for your unit and are actively working to fill out your card (scorecards can be found at this link:

Turn in your completed scorecard along with your recharter paperwork
District JTE

The District level has JTE measures as well and we need your help in completing several of them:Recruitment – help us recruit more kids into the program

  • Advancement – make sure that all the advancement that your kids have earned are in the system and are correct for each scout
  • Community Service – log your unit’s community service hours via this website:

Unit Performance – complete your unit’s JTE scorecard

District Committee – join the district committee and help even more scouts!

Unit Leadership – make sure you are fully trained if in a leadership role and make sure that training is reflected on your account (BALOO, IOLS, Position Specific Online Training, Etc)

DISTRICT COMMITTEEAs we look to serve more youth in our council, we will need more committee members at the district level to make it possible. Please consider joining our committee and working in a subcommittee, including: Membership, Finance, Marketing, Activities, Civic Service, Outdoor Programs, Advancement, Training, and more!

The District Committee meets on the First Thursday of every month (except July) from 7:30 -9:00 PM at the Council Office – 13228 N Central Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

You are specifically invited to our December committee meeting which will double as our Annual Business Meeting and Holiday Celebration. Join us on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 @ 7pm at the Council Office.


Our goal is to have as many units as possible recharter before Thanksgiving and all units recharter before the end of the year. If you are new to the recharter process, PLEASE ASK FOR HELP so we can make sure you are not left in the cold.

NEW FOR 2019 – all registered adults (old or new) must fill out an additional disclosures form and turn it in with your unit’s recharter paperwork. The form can be found here:

We know the fee increase will be a hardship for many individual and units. Please let your District Leadership know of specific cases so that we can work to try and find solutions for you. A council assistance fund has been created to help with this and more information can be found here:


Here is the contact information for your current District Leadership for all questions:

District Chair (volunteer)Fifi Rose – 813.484.2522 –
District Commissioner (volunteer)Doc Torres – 813.786.5196 –
District Director (professional)Jeremy Twachtman – 863.224.4230 –
District Executive – North (professional)Austin Gary – 813.924.7409 –
District Executive – South (professional)Kelsi Meliah – 727.642.2561 –
Thank you for all you do for Scouting in Fort Brooke! Without our volunteers at every level, Scouting would not be possible. You help change lives! Thank You!!




Dec 14 – Christmas at Brorein – Brorein 

Dec 31 – Outback Bowl Parade – Ybor City 

2020 January 18 – Gasparilla Children’s Parade – Tampa 

March 7 – Leader Specific Training – TBD 

March 21 – District Dinner – TBD 

March 27-29 – BALOO / IOLS – Brorein 

April 3-5 – Spring Scouts BSA Camporee – Brorein 

April 18 – Pinewood Derby – TBD 

May 14 – Program Preview – TBD 

May 16 – Spring Cub Fest – Brorein 

July 25 – Cub Shooting Sports Day – Brorein 

August 29 – Leader Specific Training – TBD 

September 11-13 – BALOO / IOLS – Brorein 

September 26 – Fall Cub Fest– Brorein 

November 13-15 – Scouts BSA Camporee – Camp Soule 

December 12 – Christmas at Brorein – Brorein


Scouting:  A Volunteer with a Purpose – Unit Commissioner

Make an IMPACT statement by working with a unit (Unit = Pack, Troop or Crew) on being the behind the scene leadership on building youth with Character.

Bring your life experiences, education, and perspective, and in return, you will have an opportunity to combine those skills and experiences in a career that values and respects others.  Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has helped change lives and build future leaders of this country by combining educational and outdoor adventure activities with lifelong value and fun.  While the BSA has a major focus on the development of young men, the BSA also has co-educational programs, such as Venturing, available to both young men and young women.

  • Bring your experiences to our district as a Unit Commissioner. The Commissioners mission is to keep Units operating at maximum efficiency so they can deliver a quality program to a growing membership. The Commissioners role is to develop strength within the Unit by providing program resources, and acting as the liaison between the Unit and the District and Council. This helps Units provide the best possible Scouting program, which ultimately helps assure that individual Scouts have the best opportunity to achieve their best.
  • CEO, CFO, Parent, Retired Professional, Baker, Indian Chief, Eagle Scouts, Worker-Bee alike – all of you can be a commissioner.


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District Support

District Roundtables

Boy Scout Roundtable is a form of commissioner service and supplemental training for volunteers at the unit level. The objectives of Roundtables are to provide leaders with program ideas, information on policy and events, and training opportunities.

 District Committee Meetings

The entire district committee, chaired by the district chair, meets on a regularly scheduled date, usually monthly. The purpose of district meetings is to build momentum, provide group continuity, ensure good coordination, and make specific assignments to committee members. The district commissioner reports on the special needs of units and requests the help of operating committees to meet those needs.


 District Commissioner Meetings:

Commissioner Service is the group within the Boy Scouts of America that provides direct service to each Scouting unit (pack, troop, team, crew or ship). Commissioners are experienced Scouters who help chartered organizations and unit leaders to achieve the aims of Scouting by using the methods of Scouting. They help to ensure that each unit has strong leadership and they encourage training, promote the use of the unit committee and encourage a relationship with the chartering organization.

Youth Protection Training

The new online Youth Protection Training System can be a little confusing.  Here is a step by step guide to get you started.  If you already know your login, then you can skip to page 9.

Online Training Instructions

Unit Leader Resources

Here are some online resources, forms and applications that can help you with your unit.

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Forms Page
Scroll to the bottom to get council specific forms such as requesting a General Liability Insurance Certificate

Cub Scout Packs
This page is from National and contains a ton of great resources for your pack including resources for each Den.

Leader Helps
Material from local volunteers to help your pack or troop run smoother.

Adult Awards

Please submit Applications for Adult and Leader Awards using the district online form.  This allows us to keep track of them and make sure they are awarded in a timely manner.

Online Adult Award Submission


Here is our current recruitment schedule.  The calendar is regularly updated as we hear back from schools.

Shared Recruitment Calendar


Training Calendar
Find out how you can become a trained leader and give our boys the best experience possible.

Meeting Schedule

District Roundtable Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month, beginning at 7 p.m. at the (**NEW LOCATION**) Seminole Heights United Methodist Church – 6111 N Central Ave. Tampa, FL 33604 (NO ROUNDTABLE IN JULY)



Commissioner Meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 6:45 – 7:30 p.m. at the Council’s Tampa Service Center, 13228 N. Central Ave., Tampa, FL 33612.

District Committee are held on the first Thursday of every month, beginning at 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. at the Council’s Tampa Service Center, 13228 N. Central Ave., Tampa, FL 33612.

District Volunteers

Position  Volunteer 
District Chair Fifi Rose


District Vice Chair Vacant
District Commissioner Doctor G. Torres


Assistant District Commissioner John Gray


Activities and Civic Service Chair Tom Knotts


Advancement Chair Kim Smith 


Camping / Outdoor Chair Mike Eldert 


Family Friends of Scouting Chair Ken Lewis


Membership Chair Archie Hill


Order of the Arrow Chair Gene McColgan


Program Chair Christopher Ragusa 


Marketing & Communications Chair Mark Wilson


Marketing & Communications Co-Chair Mark Kriz


Training Chair Matt Cordani


Round Table Chair Chris Perry


District Professionals

Position Professional
District Director Jeremy Twatchtman


District Executive (South) Kelsi Meliah


District Executive (North) Austin Gary 


Field Director Ward Bramlett


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