The Miccosukee District serves all units from 54th Avenue North in Pinellas County and northward to the Pinellas/Pasco County line. (see map)


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Microsoft STEM Camps

We have partnered with Microsoft to offer a new wide variety of camps to our scouts: to help earn badges, engage in STEM activities, and learn how to use productivity tools. Below you will find the camps that Microsoft is offering as well as more information on how to register and attend. Here is the Flyer for the Microsoft Summer Camp ’19 – Workshops

The camps run from May 27th – Aug 2nd. They will run from 10A – 12P, 1P – 3P, and 4P – 6P. They also run either Monday – Thursday or Monday – Tuesday and Wednesday – Thursday!

2019 District Camporee @ Camp Soule

SAVE THE DATE – October 11th thru 13th!!

The Miccosukee District Camporee returns to Camp Soule this October 11th thru 13th!! Our theme this year will be Scout Olympics. Join your fellow units for a weekend of Olympic Sport Traditional and Non Tradition and fellowship awaits. If your Troop, ship or crew does have a flag, get to work creating one because what is an Olympics without the parade of flags!   Guide and sign up link will follow before summers end.  Registration is NOT open yet.

2019 Webeloree

SAVE THE DATE !! – November 1-3, 2019. This year it’s Back to Basic (Training). The WebelORee is a fun-filled weekend for Webelos Scouts to earn their activity badges while being immersed in a Boy Scout program setting! They will see and learn about the Boy Scout program and get to work on a variety of different activity badges. As a Webelos event, one adult leader for every four Scouts and a minimum of two adults are required. If your pack is not attending, Scouts can come with their parent or you can team up with another unit. Activities are done on a patrol basis, to mirror the organization of Boy Scout troops. This provides Webelos Scouts with an understanding of how Scouting will change for them once they cross over from pack to troop. Registration is NOT open yet.

This is another “Dazed & Confused” Production

Merit Badge Counselor Info

In the District, we have been having a lot of conversations with people in our District regarding Merit Badge Counselors and how often they are supposed to re-apply to stay current. Please spread the word to all units; Merit Badge Counselors are asked to re-apply YEARLY, that’s right YEARLY. Monitoring this process is the responsibility of the Unit, not the District or Council. Renewing yearly gives the counselor the chance to add and remove some items that they may be more or less passionate about. All counselor’s drop from the Council Charter at recharter time. We are recommending you do this around November, as its a good time to update your troop records.

To Register or Renew your existing registration, you need to do a few things…

1. Ensure the Merit Badge Counselor has current Youth Protection, and print the certificate (Or verify it’s current via My.Scouting.Org.
2. Print and Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Application –
3. Print and Fill out the Adult Application (Note, this is the NEW one with the Background Check Authorization)
4. Review and Understand items listed on

Keep in mind – Typically, when you take the Merit Badge Counselor Class, they do this all with you during the class. I would recommend you provide all form,s to our District Executive, Ryan Cooper. Ryan is typically at District Events such as Roundtable, District Committee Meetings, and other activities around our district. If you want to set up a time to see when you can give him the paperwork, please give him a call at (813) 872-2691. If you swing by the Scout Shop, the office can get these papers to Ryan too. Please do not email or digitally save copies of the adult applications.

Email Info in My.Scouting.Org

Often, when we dig into why people are not getting registration alerts from Council or various other locations, it comes out that when the person goes to my.Scouting.Org the email is wrong or a very old one. Please ask your units to verify they have the correct emails in and that the primary one is the one that they want to use for scouting. I would remove all others.

When you log in, go to My Dashboard, Then Hit the menu selector (it’s called a hamburger) and go into “My Profile”.

Now here you can see what emails and mailing addresses we have for you. To edit an email click into it. To add a new one hit the green + Mark.


Once you are editing an email you can make it primary. You can also delete old ones here

New Community - BSA Parents

We all know how truly amazing our Scouting parents are. They go above and beyond, and they constantly ask what they can do and how they can help. In many ways, they are our best asset to help demonstrate the value of the Boy Scouts of America and to talk about what this great organization means to American communities. So, we want to make you all aware of a newly-formed group called “BSA Parents” that is forming and will launch on digital and social media this week.

The group was formed by and is run by parents of Scouts. The group came together so parents can use the Internet and social media to talk about what Scouting means to them. As I’m sure you can imagine, this is powerful stuff — I’m excited to share their launch video and site here and on social media.

I also want to let you know that while BSA helped with some seed funding to get them off the ground, this is an independent organization. They are not affiliated with BSA and they formed to help parents tell their stories. It has no dues, it offers no programs, and is not competitive in any way with our Councils. Their mission and stories are ones we want to support!

We are excited to see so many people taking up the message of Scouting. I am writing today with the hope that you will share this site and these videos with parents in your area. More people need to see and hear from the parents who are so involved with — and so passionate about — Scouting. The BSA’s character building programs are essential for our youth and we are excited for parents to help propel that message forward.

BSA Parents on social media:

Twitter: @BSAparents


Instagram: @bsaparents


Patrick W. Sterrett | Assistant Chief Scout Executive, National Director of Field Service

National Service Center

Meeting Schedule

District Roundtable Meetings – Come join your fellow Scouters to learn the tips and tricks to help your unit run better and give your Scouts the best experience possible.  Open to all leaders and interested adults.  The objectives of Roundtables are to provide leaders with program ideas, information on policy and events, and training opportunities. The Miccosukee Roundtable is held at Camp Soule at 7:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of every month. For questions about roundtable, please contact the roundtable commissioner, Mike Keeser via email or (727) 742-1647.

District Committee Meetings – The monthly Miccosukee District Committee Meeting is a monthly gathering to review all District events, activities and plans in support of our Units.  This meeting is normally held on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the Whitehurst Building at Camp Soule unless otherwise scheduled by the Key 3.  All Miccosukee District Chairs, committee members, nominating committee and interested Adult Leaders are invited to attend.  We encourage (1) representative from each Unit visit our District Committee meeting! For questions about Miccosukee District Committee, please contact the District Chair, Mark Livings via email  or call (773) 750-8284.

District Commissioner Meetings – Each month the Miccosukee District Commissioner gathers unit commissioners, roundtable commissioners, and other interested volunteers to discuss how to support our Scouts and Scouting units in the District. The Miccosukee District Commissioner Meetings are held at 7:00 PM on the 4th Wednesday of the month at either First Lutheran Church, 1644 Nursery Road, Clearwater, Florida, or are held online via video conference.  For questions about the District Commissioner Meetings, please contact the District Commissioner, Charles Love via email or (727) 501-3402.

Order of the Arrow, Osceola Chapter Meetings are generally held in conjunction with District Roundtable Meetings at 7:00 PM on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at Camp Soule, 2201 Soule Road, Clearwater, Florida.  Any future activity meetings held at a different date or location will be announced during chapter meetings.  See Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge for information on the lodge schedule and events.

Looking for a specific leader training? If so, please reach out to Steve Tincher (727) 804-8692 to see what options are available.

District Key 3

District Volunteers

If any of this is incorrect, please let Charles Love know! 

District Professionals

Roundtable Recap

We will be posting items related to Roundtable in this section. We will be putting all kinds of information in our ‘RoundTable Recap Share’ that is posted here.

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Facebook Groups

Our District Facebook Group –

Our Council Facebook Group –

Program Name

Remember, the name of our Organization is STILL Boy Scouts of America. The old ‘Boy Scout’ Program is now called Scouts BSA. You can still call it a Troop, it’s just not a Boy Scout Troop, it’s a Scouts BSA Troop. For detailed info, please visit

OA Info

Once each calendar year a troop or team may conduct an election within their unit to select scouts (up to age 21) and nominate adults for membership in the Order of the Arrow. In order to be eligible for election, a Scout must have:

  1. achieved the rank of First Class
  2. participated in 15 days/nights of camping in the past 2 years (must include but may only count one long term resident camp under the auspices of the BSA)
  3. the recommendation of their Scoutmaster

Click here to request an election for your unit!

If you have any questions, please contact Chris Schwab (727) 278-4705 or Travis Baldwin (813) 999 5841

Scouts BSA Notice

Scouts BSA Troop 135 is the districts ONLY all-female Troop in our District. To learn more about this unit, please contact Jamie Bennett at 559-824-5002 or send an email to Want to learn more about what it takes to start a Scouts BSA Troop? If so, please visit and visit the FAQ at This Link.

Commissioner Info

Make an IMPACT statement by working with a unit (Ship, Pack, Troop, Post or Crew) on being the behind the scene leadership on building youth with Character. Volunteer with a Purpose! Become a Unit Commissioner 

Bring your life experiences, education, and perspective, and in return, you will have an opportunity to combine those skills and experiences in a career that values and respects others.  Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has helped change lives and build future leaders of this country by combining educational and outdoor adventure activities with lifelong value and fun.  While the BSA has a major focus on the development of young men, the BSA also has co-educational programs, such as Venturing, available to both young men and young women.

  • Bring your experiences to our district as a Unit Commissioner. The Commissioners mission is to keep Units operating at maximum efficiency so they can deliver a quality program to a growing membership. The Commissioners role is to develop strength within the Unit by providing program resources and acting as the liaison between the Unit and the District and Council. This helps Units provide the best possible Scouting program, which ultimately helps assure that individual Scouts have the best opportunity to achieve their best.
  • CEO, CFO, Parent, Retired Professional, Baker, Indian Chief, Eagle Scouts, Worker-Bee alike – all of you can be a commissioner.

If you are interested and want to learn more, please let the District Commissioner, Charles Love know. 

Scout Resources

Applications (National)

Eagle Rank Related (National)

Unit Resources (National)

Award Applications (National)

GTBAC Forms and More (Council)

Additional forms used by the Council are listed below:

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