The Miccosukee District covers all areas north of 54th avenue in St. Petersburg to the Pasco County Line.

Monthly Meetings

District Roundtable Meetings – Open to all leaders and interested adults. Roundtable is each month on the 2nd Thursday of the month at Camp Soule.  Additional info (if any) will be posted on the District Facebook Page @ For other questions about roundtable, please contact the District Commissioner, Charles Love.

District Committee Meetings –  This meeting is normally held on the 1st Wednesday at 7:00PM of the month Online via Zoom unless otherwise scheduled by the District Key 3.  All Miccosukee District Chairs, committee members, nominating committee and interested Adult Leaders are invited to attend.  We encourage (1) representative from each Unit visit our District Committee meeting! For questions about Miccosukee District Committee, please contact Travis Norton at

Order of the Arrow, Osceola Chapter Meetings – See Uh-To-Yeh-Hut-Tee Lodge for information on the lodge schedule and events. Once each calendar year a troop or team may conduct an election within their unit to select scouts (up to age 21) and nominate adults for membership in the Order of the Arrow. In order to be eligible for election, a Scout must have:Click here to request an election for your unit!

  1. achieved the rank of First Class
  2. participated in 15 days/nights of camping in the past 2 years (must include but may only count one long term resident camp under the auspices of the BSA)
  3. the recommendation of their Scoutmaster

GTBAC Districts

District Key 3

District Volunteers


Update your BeAScout PIN Info

Updating your pin is simple, and it’s a good way to make sure your information is current — that it doesn’t list last year’s Cubmaster or meeting time, for example. Access to update your pin is available to all unit leaders, including committee members in a unit. If you need help with your pin, please contact Charles Love.

To update your pin have any KEY 3 Go to and In the drop-down menu, go to your Unit. Click on “Organization Manager” and from here you can update your info and make corrections.

Annual Money Earning App

A unit must submit a Unit Money-Earning Application to the council at least two weeks prior to committing to your money-earning project. Whenever a unit is planning a money-earning project, refer to the BSA’s “Guides to Unit Money Earning Projects.” Please read this document before submitting the online application as there is a question in the application about this document.  Understanding money earning guidelines will help in the selection of projects.  Money earning projects help Scouts learn to pay their way.

Print out the form here ->

All unit fundraisers or money-earning projects except Popcorn Sales must be approved by the council. Insurance will not cover any fundraiser where there has been no application processed and approved.

Annual Medical AB & ABC Forms

  • AB Form Only – Applies to ALL participants — such as local tours and weekend camping trips UNDER 72 hours in duration.
  • AB&C Form – Applies to ALL participants where the event is OVER 72 hours in duration. (Such as resident campers (summer or winter camps) or any event that lasts over 72 hours or more

District Commissioner Frequently Asked Questions…

Where is the latest BSA Adult Application? 

How do I find the BSA Youth Application?

What are the current 2023 fees for Scouting? 

  • A: New Rates are as follows.
    • $75 Youth Fee (plus $33 GTBAC Program Service Fee) = $108 (up from $105 previously)
    • $45 Adult Fee (plus $21 GTBAC Program Service Fee) = $66 (remains the same)
    • Scout Life is now $15 per subscription
    • New Member joining fee $25 (One Time)

For someone that joins scouts mid-year, what are the prorated amounts? 

  • A: New Member Fee = $25.00 (Not Prorated)
  • A: Youth Prorate Amount Per Month = $9.00/Month (as of the date signed on application through 12/31 of the current year)
  • A: Youth Scouts Life Prorate Amount Per Month = $1.25/Month (as of the date signed on application through 12/31 of the current year)
  • A: Adult Prorate Amount Per Month = $5.50/Month (as of the date signed on application through 12/31 of the current year)

Can I transfer adults from unit to unit?

  • A: Not yet, this is not a feature of the national system yet. (stay tuned)

How do I change an adult position in our unit?

I heard you can transfer scouts between units now, how do you do that?

I heard there were some new recruitment materials, can you show them to me?

Where do I get the Fundraising Money Earning Application for 2023?

We have a new COR, what paperwork do I need?

  • A: For the COR you need the Adult App + CBC along with prorated payment for the adult.

We have a new Executive Officer at our Charter, what paperwork do you need?

  • A: For the new EO, You will need to fill out a new unit form – Fill out as much as you can and give to your Commissioner. This says new unit form, but its also used to add a new Executive Officer. Also, please include a letter from the charter explaining the change. Do not worry about the Fees the New Unit Applicaion is also used to change the Exec Officer.

How do I promote someone from a Committee Role to a different role?

  • A: Use the Position Manager in My.Scouting.Org – Only the COR (or COR Delegate) can change key positions while Committee Chair can change other roles.

We are thinking of starting a new unit, what is required? 

Unit Commissioners

Below is the current list of assigned Unit Commissioners.

  • Bruce Hoover – Pack9, Troop 9B
  • Charles Love – Pack 413Troop 431B, Troop 431G, Troop 2022B
  • Delphine Nasr – Pack 135, Pack 417, Troop 135B, Troop 136G, Troop 417B
  • Geary Titus – Pack 10, Pack 43, Pack 600, Troop 10G, Troop 10B, Troop 600B
  • Jim Ronayne – Pack 313, Troop 106B, Troop 313B, Troop 468B, Crew 468 
  • John Black – Pack 26, Pack 404, Troop 26B
  • Jeffrey Fabiszewski – Troop 340BCrew 340 
  • Norman Peterson – Pack 371, Pack 413, Troop 371B, Troop 407B, Troop 413B
  • Scott Boltz – Pack 422, Troop 422B, Troop 484B
  • Theresa Ronayne – Pack 475, Troop 475B, Crew 475

BSA Applications – Please Read!

Tips for Success!

All Paper Apps must be filled out completely, any application missing data will not be processed. Please be sure you put in the proper code. If you are filling out a Merit Badge Counselor App, it’s not MB, it’s Code 42.

For each paper app, you will need to provide your unit commissioner with the below 4 things.

  1. Paper App filled out and SIGNED by the COR of the unit with Wet Ink and not e-signed
  2. Background CBC Form (even if it’s a dual enrollment)
  3. Payment for the application – Prorated for the balance of the year (See above for prorated amounts)
  4. Printout of YPT Completion

If you do not do all 4, your application will not be processed.

Merit Badge Counselor Application

Recently National has made a change to merit badge counselors (MBC) and how they work in Scoutbook. You can no longer just say someone is a Merit Badge Counselor in Scoutbook, it MUST come from national and flow into Scoutbook, not the other way around (like it used to be). MBC’s need to be registered with a separate set of paperwork outside of your unit’s charter. This is a yearly process (yes really). This notice was posted in September of 2020 @ it discusses the change.

GTBAC Merit Badge Renewal (If you were an MBC last year)

GTBAC NEW Merit Badge Counselor Application Packet

  1. (One Time) Take the Merit Badge Counselor Training In Person at a District or Council Event. If you wish to do it online, go into My.Scouting.Org and search for “Scouts BSA – Merit Badge Counselor Training” (it’s 2 separate courses). Print BOTH certificates.
  2. Login to My.Scouting.Org and Print your YPT Certificate.
  3. Print and Fill out the Merit Badge Counselor Application – (need wet ink signature!)
  4. Print and Fill out the Adult Application (need wet ink signature!)
  5. Review and understand what it says on
  6. Review and understand what it says on 

The Packet to hand in should contain…

  1. A printed copy of your Current YPT
  2. Merit Badge Counselor Traning Completion Certificate
  3. BSA Merit Badge Counselor Application (linked above)
  4. BSA Adult Application – Needs to be Fully Filled Out, code 42, even the stuff on the right of the app. be sure you use the current app that’s linked above)

Great info about Group Merit Badges ->

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