The most anticipated event of the year for Scouts is undoubtedly the experience of our resident camps! From our Cub Scout Resident Camp to the Express Camp for Scouts BSA members, we proudly offer a wide range of fun-filled activities and opportunities for advancement, ensuring an unforgettable experience for Scouts of all ages.

 Scouts BSA Summer Express Camp

This is our action-packed traditional summer camp, where days are filled with thrilling adventures! Our camp boasts a fantastic first-year camper program, exciting merit badges, and engaging activities to develop your Scout skills.

Notably, we are proud to host a provisional troop, which means your Scout can attend without their regular troop and still have an amazing time. As with all our programs, both boys and girls are able to join in on the fun during all sessions.

Whether your Scout seeks their very first camping experience or desires an additional summer adventure, Express Camp guarantees an unforgettable journey packed with excitement and memorable moments.

Scouts BSA Winter Camp

Escape the bugs and scorching temperatures with our full-fledged summer camp program, conveniently scheduled during winter break! Your Scout can embark on an enriching journey while earning valuable advancements in a comfortable and pleasant climate.

Don’t let winter break go to waste—make it a time of growth and exploration for your Scout as they partake in our exceptional winter camp. It’s the perfect way to make the most of the season without sacrificing comfort or missing out on the joys of traditional summer camp!

Cub Scout Resident Camp

This program is designed for all Cub Scouts, providing an exciting introduction to Scouts BSA camping! Participants will embark on an adventure-filled journey, experiencing the thrill of camping while being supported by our experienced team.

The camp is tailored to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for Scouts of all levels. Meals are included, and units can send up to 4 Scouts per leader.

Join us for a memorable camping adventure where fun, learning, and camaraderie await every young Scout!

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