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For already registered merit badge counselors who wish to renew their registration for 2022, please complete the 2022 Merit Badge Counselor Renewal Form and return to Lilliam.


The new merit badge, Citizenship in Society, will be required for all Scouts to earn the rank of Eagle after June 30, 2022. Click here to find the requirements for this and all other merit badges. (Scroll down on the page to find the individual badges.)

For information on the Eagle Scout process, please visit All Things Eagle Scout.


Information on Venturing and Sea Scout Leadership Awards can be found here


For permission to have the Eagle rank or other BSA logo reproduced on a cake, please submit the Cake Release Form.


Merit Badge Counselors

In an effort to provide the best possible advancement experience for our Scouts, the GTBAC established a rule in accordance with the Guide to Advancement. It is the policy of this council that no counselor may be certified for more than 20 merit badges. By limiting the number of badges that any one counselor is certified for, there is a better chance that the counselor is an expert in the subject matter.

All counselors must renew every year as per BSA policy.

All Merit Badge Counselors must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

To register, you must:

  1. Fill out and submit a BSA Adult Application form with Position Code “42.” (There is no fee to register as a Merit Badge Counselor.)
  2. Submit a Merit Badge Counselor Application.
  3. Submit copy of current Youth Protection Training certificate.
  4. Be at least 18 years old.
  5. Be proficient in the merit badge subject by vocation, avocation or special training.
  6. Be able to work with Scout-age youth.
  7. Complete online training. More information can be found here.

More information can be found on

To become a registered Nova Counselor, follow the above procedure, using Position Code “58.” There is no additional Nova Counselor Application.

To become a registered Supernova Mentor, follow the above procedure, using Position Code “52” and submit the Supernova Mentor Information Form in place of the Merit Badge Counselor Application.

Nova Counselors and Supernova Mentors must be 21 years of age.

General Advancement Information

Cub Scout Advancement Information

Boy Scout Advancement Information

Venturing Advancement Information

Sea Scout Advancement Information

Advancement Events

Each year our council offers excellent advancement opportunities through AquAcademy, Frontier Days Weekend, and Merit Badge Academy. To help Scouts, parents, and unit leaders better understand the Eagle journey, we offer a Life to Eagle Workshop twice a year. This half-day workshop provides valuable information about planning and executing the required Eagle Project, navigating Eagle paperwork, and how to plan an Eagle Court of Honor.

Advancement Questions?

Contact your local district Advancement Chair or John Sangiorgio, Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Advancement Chair.

The Guide to Advancement is the reference that can be used for any questions about Advancement.

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