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Affiliated Camps

As we pave the way to week long Scouts BSA summer camp at Flaming Arrow, the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council has affiliated with several nearby camps to provide a long term camping experience for our Scouts.

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Camper Code of Conduct

These rules are made for the safety of campers, protection of equipment, and to provide fairness to all, for the protection of our Scout units, outside groups, all adults, youth, campers, non-campers using any of facility owned by Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, Boy Scouts of America, and must be observed at all times.

 Camper Code of Conduct

Reservation Refund Policy

The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council does NOT issue refunds for camping reservations.  In the event you need to cancel a reservation, your fees will be credited to another reservation within the following year.

Cub Scout Approved Sites

Here is a list of local campgrounds that have been approved for Cub Scout Camping.

Cub Scout Pack Overnighter Approved Sites


Making a Reservation

For BSA groups, to make a reservation at one of our camp properties, please use the online reservation system.

For non-BSA groups, please contact to inquire about reserving a camp.

Program Areas Reservation Policies 

All reservations for program areas: Shooting ranges, climbing or aquatics are for the facilities only.  Your unit must provide the appropriate volunteers with credentials to the camp master or ranger to be given access to the facilities.  The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council will not be able to provide individual units with staff for program areas.  We are moving our efforts to providing instruction for unit volunteers to empower the units to be able to open these facilities.  Having more trained volunteers will give your unit more freedom and will be beneficial to all of the Scouts in our area.

What If My Unit Doesn’t Have Leaders That Are Trained?

Choice 1 – Get Your Leaders Trained

Each of the program committees will be running training several times a year.

Check the Council Calendar at: for upcoming training.

For best results in the calendar, open filter and select training.  Then press apply filter.  The List view shows everything at once.

Choice 2 – Talk to Other Leaders at Roundtable and Collaborate

Every district has leaders who are trained in it.  Many times units can team up for a weekend day or volunteers from one unit will help another.  You can ask talk to your District Executive about volunteers in your district that can help.

Choice 3 – Attend One of the Council Activity Days

Each of the program committees (shooting sports, climbing and aquatics) will be scheduling days throughout the year to open the facilities.  You will be able to sign up for them as any other event.  This allows our volunteers to maximize their time and serve as many youth as possible while also giving your Scouting Families more choices in activities throughout the year.

Check the Council Calendar at: for upcoming events. NOTE – these will be fully scheduled Mid-August once the program committee members return from the World Jamboree.

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