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2021 Executive Committee

Collins, Peter                   Council President

Guglielmi, Bill                   Council Commissioner

Sullivan, Scott                  Council Treasurer

Rose, Mark                       Immediate Past President/ VP Program & Property

Bedke, Rachelle*             Vice President – Scout Reach

Carlson, David*                Vice President – Marketing & Communication

Dadez, Ed                        Vice President – At Large

Daggett, Bill                      Vice President –  Property

Digirolamo, Nick                Vice President – Finance

Hochhausler, Tom              Past President – Nominating Committee

Holden, Gregory                Vice President – Development

Lockey, Richard                 Vice President – Insurance/Risk Management

MacDonald, Randall          Vice President – Program

McLean, Campbell             Vice President – Legal Counsel

Mitchell, George                 Vice President – At Large

Porter, Benson                   Vice President – Administration/District Operation

Ragusa, Chris*                  Vice President – Membership

Romagnoli, George           Vice President – At Large

Snively, Melissa                 Vice President – At Large

2021 Executive Board

Hayes Berthelot

Stephanie Brown

Dottie Brown

Kurt Browning

Richard L. Dreyer

Robert Duke

Ray Duquette

David Gaul*

Mike Gleim

Joe Guidry

Fraser Hale

David Hendrix, Esq.

Raquel Hernandez

Rob Hudson**

John Ingraham

Jason Jones**

Peter Lackman

Brian Lehman**

David L. Logsdon*

Sean Monahan(Y)

Brian O’Neill

Thomas Palermo**

James Powell

Marie Rosich

Angela Rouson

Todd W. Schlemmer

Jake Schoolfield

Jon Smith

Mike Smith

William Thomas Jr.

Stephen Toner**

Andy Williams

Kimberly Wilson

Barbara Yadley, Esq.

Mackinley Zewalk

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