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Key 3:

Mike Butler 006

Mike Butler

Scout Executive

Council President, Benson Porter

Benson Porter

Council President

Nick Digirolamo

Nick Digirolamo

Council Commissioner

2023 Executive Committee:

Benson Porter Council President
Peter Collins Executive Vice President
Nick Digirolamo Council Commissioner
Scott Sullivan Council Treasurer
Mark Rose  Past President & VP Construction Management
Rachelle Bedke Vice President – Scout Reach
David Carlson Vice President – Marketing & Communication
Bill Daggett Vice President – At Large
Bill Guglielmi  Vice President –  Administration
Gregory Holden Vice President – At Large
David Logsdon Vice President – At Large
Randall MacDonald Vice President – Program
Campbell McLean Vice President – Legal Counsel
George Mitchell Vice President – At Large
George Romagnoli Vice President – Relationships
Juan Vega, Jr.  Vice President – Development
Thomas Palermo Vice President – District Operations

2023 Executive Board:

Ms.  Rachelle  Bedke
Ms.  Dottie  Brown
Mr.  Kurt  Browning
Mr.  David  Carlson
Mr.  Peter  Collins
Mr.  Matt  Cordani
Mr.  Matt  Crockett
Dr.  Ed  Dadez
Mr.  William  Daggett
Mr.  Nick  Digirolamo
Mr.  Richard  Dreyer
Mr.  Robert  Duke
Mr.  Michael  French
Mr.  David  Gaul
Mr.  Mike  Gleim
Mr.  Bill  Guglielmi
Mr.  Joe  Guidry
Mr.  Fraser  Hale
Mr.  David  Hendrix, Esq.
Dr.  Raquel  Hernandez
Mr.  Tom  Hochhausler
Mr.   W. Gregory  Holden
Mr.  Howard  Hunter
Col.  John  Ingraham
Mr.   Peter  Lackman
Dr.  Richard  Lockey
Mr.  David  Logsdon
Mr.  Randall  MacDonald
Mr.  Campbell  McLean
Mr.  George  Mitchell
Mr.  Travis  Norton
Mr.  Brian  O’Neill
Judge  Thomas  Palermo
Mr.  Todd  Parrish
Mr.  Eric  Perron
Mr.  Benson  Porter
Mr.  Chris  Ragusa
Mr.  Michael  Roberson
Mr.  George  Romagnoli
Mr.  Mark  Rose
Mrs.   Marie  Rosich
Ms.  Angela  Rouson
Mr.  Todd  Schlemmer
Mr.  Jake  Schoolfield
Mr.  Jon  Smith
Mr.  Mike  Smith
Mr.  Ryan  Smith (Y)
Mr.  Scott  Sullivan
Mr.  William  Thomas Jr.
Judge  Stephen  Toner
Mr.  Karl  Tramer
Mr.   Juan  Vega, Jr.
Ms.  Pamela  Wendlund
Mr.  Andy  Williams
Ms.  Betty  Willis
Ms.  Kimberly  Wilson
Ms.  Barbara  Yadley, Esq.
Mr.  Mackinley  Zewalk

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