About Our Executive Board

The Executive Board of the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council is comprised of 79 community and business leaders. This is an elected, functioning administrative group that takes action to achieve the purposes of the Council. It established the Council program and carries out the policies of the Boy Scouts of America. It sets policy for the Council in accordance with its delegated authority, and within the context of the Charter and Bylaws and Rules and Regulations of the Boy Scouts of America. For more information on our board, please contact Tom Hochhausler, Council President, or Jim Rees, Scout Executive, at (813) 872-2691.

If you are a member of the Executive Board, please sign in then follow this link to access Executive Board information.


Tom Hochhausler*, Council President

George Romagnoli*, Council Commissioner


Scout Executive/Secretary – Jim Rees


Executive Committee (Council Vice-Presidents)

Trey Baldwin – Insurance & Risk Mngt.
Peter Collins* – Endowment
Ed Dadez* – At Large
Nick Digirolamo* – Finance
Bill Guglielmi* – Membership
David Hendrix*, Esq. – Administration

L.T. Lafferty*, Esq. – Program
George Mitchell* – At Large
Donald Mullins* – Communications
Phil Pfeffer* – Development
Benson Porter – Relationships

Jim Powell*, Esq. – Legal Counsel
Eric Renker* – District Operations
Mark Rose* – Executive VP
Jim Royal*, Esq. – Governance
James Shepard – Treasurer

Executive Board

Mike Aitken
Karen Belanger
Harry Betz
Bill Bode
Steven Boyer
Dottie Brown
Kurt Browning
Ronald Cain
Mark Campbell
David Carlson
Sundy Chazares
John Coble
William Daggett
Gary Davis
Richard L. Dreyer
Ray Duquette
Casey Ellison
Mary Evertz
Jeff Francis
Graeme Fraser
David Gaul
Don Geer
R. Fenn Giles Jr.
Mike Gleim
Ian Greig

Michael Griffin
Joe Guidry
Don Haertel
Fraser Hale
Lewis H. Hill, III
Howard Hunter
John Ingraham
David Judd
Ken Knaebel
Peter Lackman
Steve Lund
Randall M. MacDonald
Michael M. MacInnes
Andrew J. Mayts, Jr.
Campbell McLean
Chris Nash
Bruce Nichols
Brian O’Neill
Evelio “EJ” Otero, Jr.
Chris Papp
Dustin Pasteur
Victor Patrick
Scott Payne
Paul Perregaux
Joe Pullo
Jeff Reynolds

Dan Richardson
Angela Rouson
John Rose
Jerome D. Ryans
Jake Schoolfield
Jeff Shimer
Mike Smith
Jon Smith
Melissa Snively
Alex Stephens
Thomas Stoner
John Sullivan
Stephen Toner, Jr.
Karl H. Tramer
Rob Turner
Kim Vance
Max Viera
Rob Vincent
James Watson
Andy Williams
Betty Willis
Martin Wingate
Barbara Yadley, Esq.
Brian Yarborough
Mackinley Zewalk

* Eagle Scout

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