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Roundtable- BACK IN PERSON!

AUGUST 4, 2022 7:30PM Sand Hill Scout Reservation

Bring Your Units Year Calendar and receive an entry for a

$50.00 Dick’s Sporting Gift Card. 

Topics: Fall Recruitment- Dos and Don’ts; Membership; Popcorn-Do not let your Scouts Miss out!; Training-For Everyone!!!


Roundtables provide unit leaders with the skill to do and the will to do what is needed to ensure that every member of every unit has a great Scouting experience.  They build upon the foundation provided by position-specific basic training and each leader’s commitment to serving youth through Scouting.

Roundtables exist to:
  • Provide information
  • Capture information
  • Offer current program training
  • Provide networking opportunities

Roundtables are a collaborative effort coordinated by Unit Service (commissioners) and supported by commissioned professionals and district operations (Program, Membership, and Finance).



The GTBAC is excited to partner with Trails End Popcorn for this Fall’s popcorn sale. As a member of the GTBAC, we wanted to share some exciting new updates, commissions, and PRIZES! Sign up your unit today to allow all your scouts to sell online- this helps our scouts pay for their own way.

First and foremost, our biggest news is our New Unit Sales Kit! This kit provides a unit $530 in product that when sold, your unit KEEPS ALL $530! Yes, you read that right, your unit keeps the $530 you sold. To qualify, your unit must be a newly formed unit in 2022, a unit that has never participated in popcorn sales before or a unit that sold prior to 2021.  See the attached flier for more information and requirements.


Other exciting updates include:

  • Updated unit commission structure to help you raise more money!
  • Updated selling dates
  • New Scout PRIZES!
  • NEW and more stores available for storefront sales

See the attached documents for more information and register today to be the first to know when new information comes out. Below is the link to register your unit to sell. If you have registered already, thank you.

And remember to MARK YOUR CALENDARS for August 6 at 10AM at the GTBAC Scout Service Center for the popcorn kick-off party & training!

Recruitment Campaign – this year is the year we GROW! Please make sure to attend our August 4th Roundtable for all the information regarding recruitment and membership goals.

Our Council has centralized the sign up for Join Scout Nights. A link will be sent to your unit leaders to be able to order flyers, schedule school talks, manage volunteers to help with Join Nights – really a one stop shop for units and your professional staff to help.

It is important that as a unit you have your membership plans in place and your calendars. Having an adult leader or leaders assigned to be your membership chair is also very important. Please have your membership chair contact Emily Thomas to help set up recruitment activities, school talks, join scouting nights and more!

Check out these incentives for growing your unit!

Sand Hill Trail Crew

Service hours are an important part of scouting. It allows for our youth to reach out to the community and help others. Sand Hill Trail Crew is always looking for units to help maintain different parts of the hiking trails and other sections of our scout camp. Contact Susan Sandstorm, 727-686-2972 today to set up your units service project!

District Commissioner Frequently Asked Questions…

  1. How to I find the BSA ADULT Application?
  2. How do I find the BSA Youth Application?
  3. What are the current 2022/2023 fees for Scouting? (AS OF 8/1/2022) **UPDATED AS OF 6/22/22**
    • A: New Rates are as follows. 
      • $75 Youth Fee (plus $33 GTBAC Program Service Fee) = $108 (up from $105 previously)
      • $45 Adult Fee (plus $21 GTBAC Program Service Fee) = $66 (remains the same)
      • $100 Charter Fee
      • Scout Life subscription will increase to $15
      • New Member joining fee $25 (One Time)
  4. If someone joins our unit outside of recharter, how much should we pay?
    • A: New Member Fee = $25.00
    • A: Youth Prorate Amount Per Month = $9.00/Month (as of the date signed on application)
    • A: Youth Scouts Life Prorate Amount Per Month = $1.25/Month (as of the date signed on application)
    • A: Adult Prorate Amount Per Month = $5.50/Month (as of the date signed on application)
  5. Can I transfer adults from unit to unit?
    • A: Not yet, this is not a feature of the national system yet. (stay tuned) COR’s can however login to and move existing adults around in their positions. IE you can make a Committee Leader an Assistant Scoutmaster.
  6. If someone joins mid-year, when does application proration kick in?
    • A: The month of the application goes through the day the app is signed until the end of December, so if someone joins your unit in June, Count June through December so that would be 7 Months. if someone joins in November, it would be 2 months. 
  7. I heard you can transfer scouts between units now, how do you do that?
  8. I heard you can also CHANGE leadership positions at any time, where is this?
  9. I want to change the Cubmaster position in before recharter, can I do that?
    • A: YES! Please see above
  10. I heard there were some new recruitment materials, can you show them to me?
  11. Someone told me that there is a ‘recruitment in a box’ kit that I can get from council, is this true?
    • A: Yes there is. There is a whole kit. Let Charles Love know you are interested and he can give you the details. 
  12. What is the new Council Program Fee?
    • A: As of January 1, 2022 council will charge $33 per Scout and $21 per Adult Leader. 
  13. Where do I get the Fundraising Money Earning Application for 2022?
  14. We have a new COR, what paperwork do I need?
    • A: For the COR you need the Adult App + CBC along with prorated payment for the adult. 
  15. We have a new Executive Officer at our Charter, what paperwork do you need?
    • A: For the new EO, You will need to fill out a new unit form – Fill out as much as you can and give to your Commissioner. This says new unit form, but its also used to add a new Executive Officer. Also, please include a letter from the charter explaining the change. 
  16. How to I promote someone from a Committee Role to a different role?
    • A: Use the Position Manager in My.Scouting.Org – Only the COR (or COR Delegate) can change key positions while Committee Chair can change other roles. 

View the Council Calendar for more upcoming events. Camping, training, camp activity days, summer events and more!

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District Volunteers


Judge Stephen Toner


District Commissioner-

John Coble
(352) 212-5930

Program Chair-

Mandi Harmon


Training Chair- 

Alex Sobtzak Sr.


Cub Scout Activities Chair-


Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner-

John Murphy
(352) 563-3255

Advancement Committee Chair

Kellie McMillian


Eagle BOR Chair-

Steve Epple

(352) 212-1895

Cub Scout Day Camp- 

Mandi Harmon


Community Service Chair-

Pauline Zerbe

(352) 563-5604

Popcorn Kernel Chair-


Pinewood Derby Chair-

Michael Pecora

Fishing Chair-

Bill Pepito

Order of the Arrow-

Norman Zerbe

(352) 563-5604

Nominating Chair-

Michael Pecora

Sumter County FOS-

Mike Gleim


Members at Large-

Norman Zerbe

Kevin Pappadouplos

Ernie Lane

Bob Lagerquist

Withlacoochee District Roundtable:

August 4th Sand Hill Scout Reservation Dining Hall

Topics: Fall Recruitment- Dos and Don’ts; Membership; Popcorn-Do not let your Scouts
Miss out!; Training-For Everyone!!!

Withlacoochee District Committee: 2nd Thursday of every month @ 7:30 pm Staff City @ Sand Hill Scout Reservation.

Withlacoochee District Commissioners Meeting: Held with Round Table.

District Professionals

Position Professional
District Executive Emily Thomas


Field Director Travis Emery

(813) 210-1788

Withlacoochee District Calendar

July 2022

14- District Committee Meeting @ Sand Hill

14-17th- Cub Scout Twilight Camp @ Sand Hill

August 2022

4- Roundtable/OA Chapter Meeting @ Sand Hill- Fall Recruitment and membership

6- POPCORN Kickoff @ Council Office

11- District Committee Meeting @ Sand Hill

September 2022

1- Roundtable/OA Chapter Meeting @ Sand HIll

Topic: Keeping your Scouts

7- Scoutmaster Specifics Training Part 1 @ Sand Hill

8- District Committee Meeting @ Sand Hill

14- Scoutmaster Specifics Training Part 2 @ Sand Hill

16-18- BALOO and IOLS Training @ Sand Hill

17- ILST @ Sand Hill

October 2022

1- Fall Cub Scout Activity Day @ Sand Hill

6- Roundtable/OA Chapter Meeting- @ Sand Hill

Topic: Technology

13- District Committee Meeting @ Sand Hill

November 2022

3- Roundtable/OA Chapter Meeting @ Sand Hill

Topic: Den Chiefs/Denners

10- District Committee Meeting @ Sand Hill

11-13- Aiming for the Arrow Camp-o-ree @ Sand Hill

December 2022

1- Roundtable/OA Chapter Meeting @ Sand Hill

Topic: Community Service and Service to Camp

8- District Annual Business Meeting/Holiday Party @ Sand Hill

17- Wreaths Across America



Training Schedule

7- Scoutmaster Specifics Training Part 1 @ Sand Hill

14- Scoutmaster Specifics Training Part 2 @ Sand Hill

16-18- BALOO (Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation Training) @ Sand Hill

16-18 IOLS (Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills Training) @ Sand Hill

17- ILST (Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troop youth) @ Sand Hill

For any questions regarding training please contact Alex Sobtzak


Please visit

The Calendar for a complete list of training opportunities.

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