The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council maintains a service center to support Scouting programs.

The phone number for the Tampa Service Center is (813) 872-2691. After your call is answered, enter the extension of the person you wish to speak with at the prompt and you will be connected to their extension. For convenience, the fax number is (813) 875-5890.

Staff Leadership

Jim Rees
Scout Executive
(813) 872-2691 ext. 104
Jeff Rock's head shot
Jeff Rock
Chief Operating Officer/Director of Field Service
(813) 872-2691 ext. 115
Ralph Snyder's head shot
Ralph Snyder
Assistant Director of Field Service Skyway and Miccosukee Districts
(813) 872-2691 ext. 133
Tampa Service Center
Angelique Saffore head shot
Angelique Saffore
Business Manager
(813) 872-2691 ext. 103

Catherine Ardes
Program Assistant/Customer Service
(813) 872-2691 ext. 101
Lilliam Nieves's head shot
Lilliam Nieves
(813) 872-2691 ext. 130

Receptionist/Customer Service
Field Staff
 Sharrod McCree's head shot
Sharrod McCree
Field Director
Lake Region,Thunderbird and Withlacoochee Districts
(863) 632-2799
Ward Bramlett
Field Director
Fort Brooke, Suncoast and Timucua Districts
(813) 394-6070
Aaron Pickle's head shot
Aaron Pickle
District Director
Lake Region District
(863) 632-1934

District Executive
Miccosukee District

Kyle Molldene
District Director
Timucua District (407) 301-6622

Hector Centeno
District Executive
Thunderbird District
(863) 449-7294
Jason Borton's head shot
Jason Borton
District Director
Fort Brooke District
(813) 624-9764

Jeremy Twachtman
District Executive
Withlacoochee District
(863) 224-4230

Matthew Hall
District Executive
Skyway District
(727) 336-9403
Zach Schott's head shot
Zachary Schott
District Executive
Suncoast District
(813) 210-1788
Finance and Accounting
Nina Wolfson's head shot
Nina Wolfson
Fundraising Assistant
(813) 872-2691 ext. 109
Donna Felsh's head shot
Donna Felsh
Accounting Specialist
(813) 872-2691 ext. 135
Programs and Properties
Frank Marion's head shot
Frank Marion
Property Maintenance Manager
Daniel Stewart
Program Aide
Tampa Housing Authority
David Cain's head shot
David Cain
Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation
Mike Cliff's head shot
Mike Cliff
Camp Soule, Clearwater
Wayne Tepper's head shot
Wayne Tepper
Camp Brorein, Odessa
Dan Wilson's head shot
Dan Wilson
Sand Hill Scout Reservation, Brooksville
Learning for Life
Balbina head shot
Fabiola Balbina
Director of Learning for Life
(813) 872-2691 Ext. 118

Andrea O’Reilly
Exploring Executive
(321) 947-8679




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