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Since the first Eagle badge was awarded in 1912 to Arthur Eldred, a 17-year-old member of Troop 1 (Long Island, NY), it has been the pinnacle of the Scouting program. Today we invite you to join us in enhancing and expanding the impact of your accomplishment.

CONNECT. Whether you earned Eagle in the Tampa Bay area or in another council and now live here, we want to hear about your Scouting experience.

ENGAGE. As part of the largest, strongest leadership organization in the world—Boy Scouts of America—our Council wants to help build an active local alumni network that serves as a touchstone for civic, professional, and community benefit opportunities.

INSPIRE. Having achieved the rank of Eagle as a youth and by example of your current success, you are the positive influence needed to produce the next generation of extraordinary local, regional, national, and global leaders.

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This outreach effort is part of an overall initiative to ensure the Council has the most accurate/up-to-date information for its alumni, including but not limited to Eagle Scouts. We thank you, in advance, for your patience with and participation in this process.

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