Short Term Camp Administrator Resource Page

This page is a resource for Short-Term Camp Administrators in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.  This page contains the links you need to complete and submit the assessments.

The Process

  • Before the event
    • Meet with the Program Director before the event
      • Meet at least 2 weeks prior to an event on a council property
      • Meet at least 4 weeks prior to an event not on council property
    • Review at least the following areas at this meeting:
      • Site assessment (if of council property)
      • Food Service Plan (if applicable)
        • Who is the kitchen lead and are they approved?
        • What is the menu and does it need to be approved by a dietician?
        • Who is ordering the food and how is it getting to the event?
      • Credentials of any volunteers running program areas
        • Program areas: shooting, aquatics, climbing
        • Anything additional
      • Overview of the program
        • Is it age appropriate?
        • Does it promote the Scouting Brand?
      • Safety
        • Review Check in/out process
        • How are medical forms handled?
        • When is the participant safety briefing?
        • Do they have a leader’s guide with the pertinent information?
    • Sign the NCAP Local Council Authorization and Assessment Declaration Form
    • If needed complete the NCAP Site Appraisal Form (this may require a trip to the site)
    • Submit the forms electronically with the form
    • Consider a site tour with the Program Director if at an off council location
  • At the event
    • Assess the event
    • Use the Standards at a Glance for the assessment
      • If the standard is met – place an X beside it. Add notes as needed.
      • If a standard is not applicable – place an N/A beside it.
      • If a standard is a deviation – place a Dev beside it, add notes.
      • If a standard is noncompliant- place an NC beside it and circle the standard name, add notes.
      • If needed add additional notes on a separate page.
    • If something is unsafe
      • Have that area stop immediately
      • Find the Program Director and work out a safe resolution
      • If that becomes a challenge contact the staff advisor or the Director of Camping or Director of Field Service (contact info on this page)
    • When done, sign the NCAP Local Council Authorization and Assessment Declaration Form
  • After the Event

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