One Car One Difference® is a program where donated vehicles help support Scouting, both locally and nationally. Donated vehicles are sold at auction and the proceeds from the sale are shared between the National Council and the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, with 95% of the proceeds benefiting the local council. The program is run by the Insurance Auto Auctions’ Donation Division. Vehicles within 100 miles of IAA’s 160 offices are usually picked up within 24 hours. Beyond that distance, donations typically are picked up in two days.

Any vehicle with a motor can be donated, including construction and heavy equipment, cars, trucks, vans, boats (with trailers), motorcycles, RVs and ATVs. Vehicles can be in any condition.

Fleet vehicles at the end of their useful life are ideal candidates for this program. Instead of being sold for scrap, vehicles donated to Scouting generate a tax deduction for the business and support the local council. Note that the proceeds from your donated vehicle cannot be given to an individual Scouting pack, troop, crew, team or post due to tax regulations.

Please click the Contact link below and select the subject Fundraising/Friends of Scouting to let us know the date your car was picked up, as well as the model type and year.  That information lets us monitor the process of your contribution from IAA through the National Council to the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.

For more information or to arrange for a donation, visit the One Car One Difference website or call (855) 272-1227.

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