Enhancing the Scouting Journey

We are thrilled to announce a momentous contribution to our beloved Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation from Publix Super Markets. Their generous donation of $150,000 marks a significant milestone in our journey towards enhancing the camp experience for all who visit.

Celebrating a New Chapter

Publix Super Markets, a name synonymous with community and quality, has stepped forward with a donation that speaks volumes about its commitment to local initiatives and youth development. This substantial contribution will be directed towards improvements at our Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation, ensuring that it remains a place of adventure, learning, and growth.

A Shared Vision

This donation from Publix aligns perfectly with our vision of offering a transformative camping experience. It’s not just about the physical upgrades; it’s about building a stronger community, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, and nurturing a deep respect for nature.

Expressing Our Gratitude

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Publix Super Markets for their incredible support. This act of generosity will leave a lasting impact on countless young lives. It’s through partnerships like these that we can continue to offer a place where adventure and learning go hand in hand.

We’re incredibly thankful for this partnership and what it means for our future. With the support of Publix Super Markets, we can continue to grow Scouting in our communities!