The Importance of Training

A trained leader is knowledgeable and confident in the role being performed. The knowledge and confidence of a trained leader are quickly sensed by Cubs, Scouts BSA youth, Venturers, and Sea Scouts, and are a positive influence on their lives. What does it take to be considered “Trained?” Requirements are different for each position. Training Awards are available for each position that you receive training in and and for which you complete tenure and activity requirements.

BSA training courses are designed to help any adult get a better understanding of the responsibilities of their leadership position. They also help the leader to prepare for the meetings that they will hold with youth. An adult who takes the time to complete the training specific to their position will be better equipped to deliver the kind of program that keeps youth engaged! Unfortunately, many new leaders get confused in deciding which training courses to take (and in what order) and in finding available training.

Several courses are available online through the Boy Scouts of America. A complete list can be found on our Online Training page. The classes provide basic information on the great adventure that is Scouting. The most important course offered online is Youth Protection Training. This class provides specific information and guidelines for  leaders and parents to work together to protect Scouts while offering a quality program. Youth Protection Training is required before an adult membership application will be accepted and must be updated every two years.

In addition to online courses, the Council Training Committee works to provide onsite training specific to your leadership position. Training for some positions have a classroom and an outdoors portion. A listing of currently scheduled courses is on the calendar below.

The ultimate council-level training course for Scouters is Wood Badge. This course provides a global view of Scouting and takes participants through the Scouting program in the course of two weekends. The training is invaluable for all leaders and they come away with a better understanding of the program and learn skills that can help them be a better leaders, not only in Scouting but in life.

Beyond Wood Badge are the adult Leadership Challenge courses at the Philmont Training Center in New Mexico and the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia. Leadership Challenge immerses Scouters in a week-long outdoor experience centered around living the values of Wood Badge, including promotion of servant leadership.

Council Training Committee

Council Chair Cassie Riddick
Fort Brooke District Matt Cordani
Lake Region District Angelo Tribuno
Miccosukee District Jennifer Fehr
Skyway District Sarah Cline
Suncoast District Tim Bobo 
Thunderbird District Eddy Varela
Timucua District Stephanie Crawley and Pete McKeever
Withlacoochee District Alex Sobtzak

Upcoming Training Calendar

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