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Advancement is one of the key components in a Scout’s path forward to become an Eagle Scout, as well as life in general. The most current information about advancement in each program is available at the BSA National website (links below). If you are a unit leader looking to provide advancement reports, please follow this link for more information on the Internet Advancement process.

Boy Scout Advancement

The following updates were recently announced. More information can be found here.

Eagle Information:

The Eagle rank takes years of hard work and dedication by Scouts.  The following links provide help throughout this process.

Eagle Scout Candidates

An Eagle Candidate must list personal references on the Eagle Application. In an effort to help streamline the process, in accordance with the Guide to Advancement, the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council has adopted a process to help with references. Each candidate requests that a letter be submitted by each of the 5-6 references listed on the first page of the Eagle Application.

These letters are to be collected by the troop, usually by the Unit Advancement or Committee Chair. When collected, they should remain unopened until the Board of Review. The letters should be submitted to council with the Eagle Application. These reference letters are to remain sealed and only opened by the Board of Review. These letters are confidential and contents of them will never be revealed to anyone except the Board of Review members. The letters will never be shown to the Scout or the family.

To help make the process easier for the person making the reference, it is suggested that the candidate give them a Pre-Addressed, Pre-Stamped envelope. On the envelope, the Scouts Name should be printed on the bottom or back. Here is a Sample Envelope.


2019 Scouts BSA Special Transition Rules


Eagle Badge

Download the Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook – Choose PC or Mac version.

Download the Eagle Scout Rank Application – Form is editable.

Download the Age Guidelines for Tool Usage

If you have just earned your Eagle rank, please download the Eagle Ceremony package here (ZIP, 13MB).

If you have any questions on the Eagle process, please contact your districts Advancement Chair.


Merit Badge Counselors

In an effort to provide the best possible advancement experience for our Scouts, the GTBAC established a rule in accordance with the Guide to Advancement. It is the policy of this council that no counselor may be certified for more than 20 merit badges. By limiting the number of badges that any one counselor is certified for, there is a better chance that the counselor is an expert in the subject matter.

All counselors must renew every year as per BSA policy.

All Merit Badge Counselors must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.  Even if you are already registered in another position, you must still complete a BSA Adult Application form with the Position Code “42”( no charge). Note: Effective April 1, 2003, the Social Security Number on all adults is required by the National Boy Scouts of America.  Send this form, along with the BSA Adult Application form to the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council, 13228 N. Central Ave.
Tampa FL 33612.

  1. Fill out and submit a BSA Adult Application form with Position Code “42”.
  2. Submit a Merit Badge Counselor Application.
  3. Submit copy of current Youth Protection Training certificate.
  4. Be at least 18 years old.
  5. Be proficient in the merit badge subject by vocation, avocation or special training.
  6. Be able to work with Scout-age youth.
  7. Be registered as a Merit Badge Counselor with the Boy Scouts of America. (Submit Adult BSA Application with your Merit Badge Counselor Application.)
  8. Attend Merit Badge Counselor Orientation.

The Boy Scout Handbook instructs the Scout to meet with you, before he starts to establish a mutual understanding of the requirements and his commitment to complete those requirements.


General Advancement Information

Cub Scout Advancement Information

Boy Scout Advancement Information

Venturing Advancement Information

Sea Scout Advancement Information

Advancement Events

Because they are part of the advancement of Boy Scouts along the Eagle Trail, you will also find information about three popular Boy Scout activities: AquAcademy, Frontier Days Weekend, and Merit Badge Academy. To assist Scouts in planning their assault on the Eagle Summit, the Council hosts a Life to Eagle Workshop twice a year. This half-day workshop provides valuable information about planning and executing the required Eagle Project and gives parents insights into how to plan an Eagle Court of Honor.

Advancement Questions?

Contact your local district Advancement Chair or Kellye Williams, Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Advancement Chair.

The Guide to Advancement is the reference that can be used for any questions about Advancement.

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