There is an exciting way for you to show off your Scouting pride and support our Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Scouts at the same time—by getting a “Scouting Teaches Values” specialty license plate for your vehicle!

How to Purchase:

  1. Visit your local tax collector’s office when renewing your vehicle registration.
  2. Request the BSA specialty plate. The best time to switch is when your metal plate is due for replacement (every 10 years).
  3. Pay the annual use fee above the standard Florida license plate cost.

Why the Extra Fee?

  • The $20 annual use fee directly supports the Boy Scouts of America Greater Tampa Bay Area Council.
  • Florida Statutes mandate the fee that supports local causes.

Where Does the Money Go?

  • Funds are distributed among the 9 Boy Scout Councils in Florida based on tags renewed in their region.
  • Greater Tampa Bay Area Council uses these funds, as needed, to support camp operations and volunteer activities.