What does it take to build a dynamic and resilient Scouting program filled with adventure and learning? How do you create a program that keeps youth, leaders, and families engaged and energized to keep coming back for more? Find out at Philmont Training Center (PTC) this summer.

PTC has something for all Scouters. You’ll be learning from their enthusiastic and experienced faculty, many of whom literally “wrote the book” on the Scouting program. There are conferences for Den and Pack Leaders that will invigorate everyone to get the most fun out of the Cub program. You can learn to use games to invigorate Packs, Troops and Crews, and other activities to make Scouting incredibly fun. If you train groups and teams, preside over meetings, or lead Scouts and Scouters, then you need to attend the Facilitator’s Tool Box conference, which will make your role easier and more fulfilling. PTC has many more classes like this as well.

Moreover, Philmont Training Center offers the best family experience to everyone who attends. Your kids will be well taken care of in age-appropriate activities all day by Philmont’s outstanding counselors. PTC even has daycare for infants! Best of all, your spouse will be relieved of family duties to do what they like – whether create art in the craft center, venture out on hikes, visit local shops and museums, or just relax on the Villa Philmonte grounds. Evening programs include a western barbecue, movie night, and campfires. It’s the best family togetherness vacation you can have, and you’ll all come home with a lifetime of memories.

PTC also offers both full and half-week Family Adventure Camps that will let you all enjoy the activities they offer together as a family. You can hike to the top of the Tooth of Time, go on horseback rides, try your skills on the shooting range, learn fly fishing, or create art in their amazing craft center.

Check out all the PTC has to offer at https://www.philmontscoutranch.org/ptc/.