The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council has a proud tradition of adult leader training, exemplified by the many Wood Badge courses held in our current and predecessor councils. The Scouting program has been immeasurably strengthened by the hundreds of dedicated leaders who have become Wood Badge trained.

National Course 329 was held at Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation in August 1968. Regional courses included 86-1 (March 1969) and R6-12 (April 1971), also at Flaming Arrow.

Gulf Ridge Council was among the early councils to offer Wood Badge training when the course was first offered at a council level. The Course Director for the first course of this type, SE-10 in 1973, was Walter J. Krohne, Jr. of Central Florida Council. The Pinellas Area Council offered its first course in 1976, with John T. Valentine, Jr. as Course Director, and held one additional course prior to becoming West Central Florida Council in 1978.

In addition to traditional assigned course numbers, since SE-54 all but one Gulf Ridge Council course was also identified according to the council camp where (at least) the first weekend of the course was held. These local designations referenced Camp Owen J. Brorein and Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation, and are shown below; this naming convention has continued for Greater Tampa Bay Area Council courses. Both SE-10 and SE-204 were held at Flaming Arrow.

Wood Badge course 16-89-22-1 will be held during spring 2022. Course details are available here.

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council

Year Course Designation Course Director
2016 S4-86-16-2 FASR 22 Latour “LT” Lafferty
2017 S4-89-17-1  — Andra Kullman
2017 S4-89-17-2 FASR 23 Randall M. MacDonald
2018 S4-89-18-1 Fifi Rose
2018 S4-89-18-2 FASR 24 Billy McCracken
2019 S4-89-19-1 Tricia Hall
2019 S4-89-19-2 FASR 25 Kellye Williams
2020 S4-89-20-1 FASR 26 David Nelson
2020 S4-89-20-2 Jeff Brown
2021 S4-89-21-1 FASR 27 Melissa Snively
2021 S4-89-21-2 FASR 28 Scott Dutton



Gulf Ridge Council

Year Course Designation Course Director
1973 SE-10 Walter J. Krohne, Jr.
1975 SE-54 Brorein 1 E. J. “Jim” Huggins
1975 SE-72 Brorein 2 John S. Brengle, Jr.
1976 SE-139 Brorein 3 William F. Clark
1977 SE-180 Brorein 4 Karl M. Bordner
1978 SE-204 William F. Clark
1980 SE-277 Brorein 5 Charles E. “Snake” Volz
1982 SE-324 Brorein 6 Donald M. Rotrock
1984 SE-368 Brorein 7 Herbert F. Murray
1987 SE-433 Brorein 8 Kenneth D. Stanton
1990 SE-540 Brorein 9 David E. Lane
1991 SE-566 Brorein 10 Darrell Clark
1992 SE-598 Brorein 11 Marshall Nuccio
1994 SR-040 Brorein 12 Gary Braun
1995 SR-095 Brorein 13 Norm Van Dame
1996 SR-166 Brorein 14 Doyle Skinner
1997 SR-204 Brorein 15 Ed Kellner
1998 SR-272 Brorein 16 David E. Lane
1999 SR-319 Brorein 17 Bob Graham
2000 SR-360 Brorein 18 Bill Daggett
2002 SR-496 FASR 1 Jack Saunders
2002 SR-508 FASR 2 Dottie Brown
2003 SR-569 FASR 3 Gary Kemp
2004 SR-617 FASR 4 Richard Dreyer
2005 SR-676 FASR 5 Jon Smith
2006 SR-729 FASR 6 Jackson Morris
2007 SR-808 FASR 7 Rick Wyatt
2008 SR-892 FASR 8 John Ehas
2009 SR-951 FASR 9 Terry Foster, Sr.
2009 SR-953 FASR 10 Jim Gray
2010 SR-1033 FASR 11 Patricia Van Lengen
2010 SR-1034 FASR 12 William Guglielmi
2011 S4-86-11-1 FASR 13 Earl Richardson
2011 S4-86-11-2 FASR 14 Bob Freemon
2012 S4-86-12 FASR 15 Christine Crowell
2013 S4-86-13 FASR 16 Lisa Rauchmiller
2014 S4-86-14-1 FASR 17 Patricia Guglielmi
2014 S4-86-14-2 FASR 18 Mark Rose
2015 S4-86-15-1 FASR 19 Brian Hartpence
2015 S4-86-15-2 FASR 20 Eric Perron
2016 S4-86-16-1 FASR 21 Gregg Hilferding


Past Course Directors GRC 2016


Pinellas Area Council

Year Course Course Director
1976 SE-94 John T. Valentine, Jr.
1977 SE-150 Karl M. Bordner


West Central Florida Council

Year Course Course Director
1980 SE-220 John T. Valentine, Jr.
1983 SE-338 Robert W. Filbey
1985 SE-397 Donald K. Ford
1988 SE-463 Jack C. Smetzer
1990 SE-519 Roger L. Spencer
1992 SE-591 G. Thomas Toerner
1994 SR-53 William M. McMichael
1996 SR-181 Jimmie C. Willis
1998 SR-268 Kenneth Lowe
2000 SR-343 Jeffrey C. Willis
2002 SR-436 Kim Vogel
2004 SR-611 Martha L. Winland
2005 SR-665 Alice M. Cliff
2007 SR-802 Scott A. Ludes
2008 SR-886 Robert C. Swain
2010 SR-1022 Kenneth A. Knaebel
2011 S4-89-11-1 Katherine H. Labus
2013 S4-89-13 Natalie E. Coser
2015 S4-89-15 Bruce D. Nichols


Past Course Directors WCFC 2013


National and Regional Courses

Year Course Location Course Director
1968 National Course 329 Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation unknown
1969 86-1 Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation George Harwick
1971 R6-12 Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation James “Bud” Malsbary


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