Beginning March 1, 2017, all units must submit advancements online. Use Internet Advancement for the following:

  • Add ranks, merit badges and awards
  • Update information on existing advancements (except the Eagle Scout Rank**)
  • View current rosters, anytime, anywhere!
  • Print out a shopping list to mail or fax to the Scout Shop for “Awards Ready Now!”
Internet Advancement Help

What is Internet Advancement?  It is an online portal for reporting Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Sea Scout ranks; Venturing awards; and activity badges, belt loops, and merit badges. Simple and intuitive, it works best from a faster Internet connection using Internet Explorer 6 or higher.

What are the advantages of using Internet Advancement?  Units can enter advancement at any time, print reports, obtain current rosters from the BSA system, and print order sheets for the Scout shop.  This along with our councils “order ready” pick-up or free mailing of advancements will ensure a smooth and quick process.

Why should I use Internet Advancement?  When Internet Advancement is used to comply with reporting    responsibilities, it alleviates issues in documenting progress as Scouts submit Eagle applications or transfer from one unit to another. Submission of duplicate merit badges is eliminated and corrections can easily be made by the unit.  The speed of input is increased as it is updated in the personal file in the data base immediately. Consistent and constant reporting also assures accurate records for use by commissioners, other district and council volunteers, and the National Council. These are critical in evaluating unit health, adjusting service delivery, and researching changes in programs and requirements.

Did you know?
You can upload PackMaster and TroopMaster files to Internet Advancements.
You can view past advancements that were submitted.
You can see the dates your Leaders have taken Youth Protection.
You can print current real-time rosters.
You can correct incorrect dates.

How do I get started?  To get started using Internet Advancement is easy.  Please contact Jennifer DeCresie at the Seminole Service Center (727-391-3800 ext. 209) to obtain your unit ID# or to reset your unit account if necessary. Once you log in, you will have access to tutorials and Internet Advancement.

Below are various links to provide you with general information about advancements for each program:

**Eagle Scout Forms:
Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook 
Eagle Scout Application

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