Volunteers are very important to us at the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council! We are always appreciative of anyone with the desire to serve our community. Interested in volunteering with the GTBAC? Simply reach out to the District Executive in your area or the area you would like to volunteer and they will assist you in finding a service opportunity. 

District Contact E-mail
Fort Brooke Jeremy Twatchtman

Austin Gary

Kelsi Meliah




Lake Region Sharrod McCree Sharrod.McCree@scouting.org
Miccosukee Ryan Cooper Ryan.Cooper@scouting.org
Skyway Patrick Brennan Patrick.Brennan@scouting.org
Suncoast Mindy Saunders Mindy.Saunders@scouting.org
Thunderbird Catherine Ardes Catherine.Ardes@scouting.org
Timucua Clarissa Castillo

Kyle Molldene



Withlacoochee Brandon Kathman Brandon.Kathman@scouting.org
Friends of Scouting Ward Bramlett Ward.Bramlett@scouting.org
Special Events Katie Sheffield Katie.Sheffield@scouting.org
Camps Jason Borton Jason.Borton@scouting.org

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