Dear Parents and Scouts,

Welcome to the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council and the Boy Scouts of America. We hope that you are on the first steps of a long and exciting adventure into the world of Scouting. Through Scouting you will have the opportunity to have great experiences, learn new things and grow together as a family. Whether it is building a pinewood derby car or camping together as a family, Scouting allows you the opportunity to share a special experience with your children.

Each Scout and each family is very important to us and we are excited that you have decided to join us. We want to make sure that you have a great experience and take advantage of all the opportunities you have as a family to participate in Scouting event and activities. Each Scouting program operates a little differently so if for whatever reason you feel that your expectations are not being met please reach out to our council office so that we can help find a program that meets your needs. Our council office can be reached at 813-872-2691 or through here.

Our mission is to provide your son or daughter with a program of fun and adventure while instilling in them values that will last a lifetime. Thank you for trusting the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council with the development of your child. We look forward to having your family join us on the Scouting Trail. Enjoy your adventure!



Jim Rees Bill Guglielmi
Scout Executive/CEO Vice President of Membership

How Does Cub Scouting Work?

The family is the foundation of Cub Scouts.  Cub Scouting exists to support your family and help enrich your family time together.  The program will help your son/daughter grow into a person with a good feeling about himself/herself and a genuine concern for others.  Scouts will participate in a series of “Adventures” that help them learn new things and earn badges which they can wear on their uniform.  Each grade level uses a different handbook that is age appropriate.

Your child will be a part of a den, a small group of boys/girls at the same grade level who meet weekly.  All dens, from grades K through 5, make up a Pack.  Once each month, the dens, with their families are together at the Pack meeting where the youth can show off the new skills they have learned and are recognized for their achievements.  The Bobcat badge is the first badge in Cub Scouting earned by all new Scouts regardless of grade level.  To earn this badge, Scouts need to know the signs, symbols and big ideas of the Scouting program.  This badge should be earned within 30 days of joining Cub Scouts.


Cub Scouting teaches your child:

Confidence through recognition of achievements by adults

Belonging by building friendships with other youth

The value of family by fostering quality family time to strengthen the bond between parent and child

Citizenship by teaching the youth how to be a responsible member of his/her community

Moral and ethical decision making by instilling values through fun activities


Register Online

Go to select Cub Scouts and fill in your zip code, find a Cub Scout Pack near you and either Request More Information or click Apply Now. Follow the prompts to create a account.

The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council encompasses nine counties in western Florida which are divided into eight districts to better serve our Scouting families and community.  Each district is led by a team of volunteers (District Committee) and assigned Council employees (District Executive/Director) to support the mission.  Feel free to visit your district’s page HERE for contact information, assistance with registration, and to learn more about opportunities in your area.

How Cub Scout Packs Work

Cub Scout Handbooks

To achieve each rank there is a path that must be followed. Each path is made up of Adventures, and these adventures are outlined in each ranks Handbook. The Handbooks are available at the Tampa Bay Scout Shop for purchase but also check your local licensed distributors of Boy Scout merchandise (Woods and Waters Outdoors (Brandon); Nathan’s (Lakeland); Andy Thornal Expedition Outfitter (Winter Haven)

Scout Shop

Scout Store – located at 13228 North Central Avenue in Tampa.  The store hours are Monday – Friday (9 a.m. — 6 p.m.), Saturday (9 a.m. — 4 p.m.), and closed on Sunday.  Please visit the links below for Scout Store promotional information and more information on Cub Scout uniforms.  Also, you can visit the Scout Store page on the Council’s website at  Tampa Bay Scout Shop




Earning the Bobcat Badge

The Bobcat Badge is the first rank you earn when joining Cub Scouts as a Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos or Arrow of Light. The Bobcat Badge requirements will help you and your Scout become familiar with the Scout Oath and Law, Cub Scout Motto, Slogan, Sign, Handshake and Salute. The Scout Oath and Law help instill the morals and principles of the BSA.



Fundraising – Popcorn

Did you know that many of our Scouts sell enough popcorn to pay for ALL of their activities throughout the whole year?  Yes, there is an easier way to pay for Scouting and your child can earn their own way!  Even if the unit you joined doesn’t sell popcorn, you can participate as a family.  You can even sell popcorn online to your friends and family.  Go to Popcorn Fundraising for more information!  To start selling popcorn online go to Trails End


Boys’ Life

Boys’ Life is the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). Its target readers are between the ages of 6 and 18. The magazine headquarters are in Irving, Texas. Boys’ Life is published in two demographic editions.  The magazine is optional but highly encouraged for those in Scouting. You can opt to receive this magazine while completing the BSA registration application. Boys’ Life Magazine



Parent Guidebook

Here is a Parent Guide that you can download that you can reference back to regarding any aspects of Cub Scouting. This Parent Guide is an overview of Cub Scouting as a whole, but may not cover your Pack specifically, be sure to fill out the pertinent information in the right sections so you have all the info you may need.

Download Here





Spook-O-Ree, October 18th-20th, and 25th-27th, 2019

The largest and most popular Cub Scout Activity and Camping weekend.  The weather is a bit cooler, making it a great time to spend the weekend with fellow Cub Scouts and family members!  Enjoy a weekend of camping, Saturday activities, and a Scare Trail for those brave enough on Saturday night!

  • Fall Cub Day,  (Camp Brorein) September 22, 2019
  • Cub Family Camp (Sandhill Scout Reservation)  November 15th-17th, 2019
  • Outback Bowl Parade- December 31, 2019
  • Scout Day with the Bucs- December 2019
  • Cub STEM Fair (UT) March 7, 2020
  • Cub Family Camp (Camp Soule) April 3rd-5th, 2020

Scout Night with the Tampa Tarpons- July 2020

Cheer for your Tampa Tarpons while enjoying special ticket pricing, a pregame parade for scout and pack leaders camping out on the field until the next morning; a movie shown on the stadium video board after the game; and breakfast and stadium tour in the morning for all camping scouts.

District Activities

Various dates throughout the calendar year  An assortment of fishing, shooting, climbing, hiking and camping events held in each of our eight districts throughout the year.  Please visit your specific district page to learn of future opportunities.  Not sure which district you reside in?? Click here

Splash-O-Ree, April 26th-28th, 2019

This is a weekend full of water-filled fun, adventure, and camping for Cub Scouts Packs and families.  You don’t want to miss out on all the fun! Themed activities, shooting sports (for Cub Scouts only), and plenty of water play to keep cool.

Cub Scout Day Camps & Twilight Camps, June 2019 and July 2020 

Organized Cub Scout programs for the youth during the summer.  1- to 5-days, during daylight or early evening hours but not overnight.  A great opportunity to try out BBs, Archery, Wrist Rockets, Cooking, Sports, STEM, hiking, Scout Skills and more. Visit the District tab/page to learn more.


Q and A…..

Q: What is different about Cub Scouts this year?

Starting in 2018, families can choose to sign up their sons and daughters for Cub Scouts, ages 5-10. Chartered partner organizations may choose to establish a new girl pack, establish a pack that consists of girl dens and boy dens or remain an all-boy pack. Cub Scout dens will be single gender— all boys or all girls.

Q: At what age can my child join Cub Scouts?

The kindergarten-age, boys and girls participating are called Lions. Lions must be 5 years old by September 30 to participate.

Q: Is Scouting Co-ed now?

While it is true that we are serving boys and girls, these changes don’t make our dens and Troops co-ed. With these recent modifications, you still have boys in dens, and girls in their own dens. You can have a separate Pack for girls, or you can have separate dens for girls and dens for boys in the same Pack. The choice to serve girls is strictly up to the chartered organization. *Note: There have been young women in Scouting programs since 1969 (Sea Scouts, Venturing, Exploring).

Q: Why did the organization decide to make Cub Scouts available to girls?

The BSA’s decision to welcome girls into the Cub Scout program and to offer a program for older girls comes from input we have received from our Scouting families, as well as prospective Scouting families. We understand that families today are busier and more diverse than ever. The BSA believes we owe it to families to structure our program offerings in a way that fits into their busy lives to deliver character development and values-based leadership training that Scouting promises.

Q: How does the Scouting program work?

Cub Scouts is for youth (boys and girls) in kindergarten through fifth grade. Each youth is a member of a Den, which are groups of 6-10 kids around the same age. These groups are either all girl or all boy Dens that meet on a regular basis. Dens go on fun trips, play games, do service projects and learn new skills. Dens come together to make up a Cub Scout Pack.

Q: How often and for how long does the den meet?

Each Pack functions differently, but normally a den will meet for eight to nine months of the year. Den meetings are usually two to three times per month, and last for one hour. The outings and Pack meetings can be longer, depending on the activity.

Q: Will we have different uniforms for boys and girls?

All uniforms continue to be reviewed and adjusted to meet participant needs. While the fit and styling may be a bit different, the uniforms will remain fundamentally the same.

Q: Are there any other fees besides the registration costs?

The annual membership fee is $33 and Scouts' Life magazine is an optional $12 plus tax per year. When joining, both of these fees are prorated by month. Other costs vary depending on the activities of your local Pack. One of the key values of Scouting is the youth are afforded the opportunity to earn their own way. That's why we offer multiple opportunities throughout the year for your Scout to earn the money needed for Pack and Council activities. We believe that every child should have the chance to be a Scout! Because of the generosity of our Scout families, businesses and leaders, the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council can offer assistance to support local families in need.

Q: Who are the leaders for my Pack?

Cub Scouting is a family activity! You will have the opportunity to take a role in leading your child's experience – and we're here to help you become the best leader you can be with training, online resources and support from our staff. Every volunteer leader is required to go through a rigorous background check and Youth Protection Training process that ensures your child will be in a safe program. It is not required for all parents/guardians to register as a leader.

Q: My child is involved with other activities. Can he/she still participate in Cub Scouts?

Lots of youth take part in Scouting along with a variety of other activities like sports, music, academic interests, and more. These programs all work together with Scouting to provide your child with a balance of adult role models and experiences. The Cub Scout program offers many opportunities for your child to work through the handbook at a time convenient for your family.

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