District Volunteers

District Chairman David Carlson
(813) 417-1796
District Vice Chairman Rob Lindsey
(813) 690-8482
District Commissioner Donna F. Williams
(813) 671-4173 (home)
(813) 624-4424 (Cell)
Advancement and Recognition Chair Kellye Williams
(813) 766-4843‬
Roundtable Commissioner Vacant
Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Nick Provanzana
(813) 928-2475
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Dave Ervast
(813) 657-3086
Training Chair Kevin S. Beach
(813) 785-8644
Cub Scout Training Chair Meaghan Fleetwood
(813) 767-1494
Boy Scout Training Chair Ted Domey
(813) 918-7089
Program Chair Vacant
Finance Chair Ronnie Oats
Friends of Scouting Chair Pete McKeever
(813) 525-0059
Membership Chair Roger Hogen
Activities Chair Vacant
Pinewood Derby Chairman Ray Rocha
(813 )546-2657
Cub Scout Twilight Camp Co-Director Meaghan Fleetwood
(813) 767-1494
Cub Scout Twilight Camp Co-Director Aimee Hill
OA Chapter Chief – Pethakhuwe Chapter Alex Bordin
OA Chapter Advisor – Pethakhuwe Chapter Mr. Mike Poirson
OA Chapter Associate Advisor – Pethakhuwe Chapter Mr. Christopher Miller
(813) 326-3106
Popcorn Kernel Vacant
Religious Emblems Programs Chairman Jason Jones
(813) 952-8928‬
Community Relations Chair  / LDS Liaison Mr. Mark Thompson
(813) 388-0209
Camping Co-Chairs Jane and Ken Staver
Communications Chair Vacant
Nominating Committee Chairman Jason Jones
(813) 952-8928‬
Webmaster David Carlson
(813) 417-1796


District Professionals


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