Commissioner Service


Commissioners are district and council volunteer leaders who help Scout units succeed. Commissioners coach and regularly consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, Explorer Posts and Sea Scout Ships. They help maintain the standards of the BSA through maintaining regular contact with unit leaders, counseling leaders on where to find assistance, noting weaknesses in programs and suggesting remedies to improve. The commissioner is successful when units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members.

2020 Charter Renewal Guidebook


Meet your Commissioners

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Commissioner Corps

Council Commissioner

Assistant Council Commissioners

  • Matt Kamat                              Administration/Eastern Service Area
  • Bill Haggard                            Rechartering/Western Service Area
  • Dr. Eric Renker                        Special Projects
  • Dr. G. Torres                            Dean College of Commissioner Science
  • Jim Ronayne                           Special Needs Scouting
  • Christopher Perry                     Assistant Council Commissioner/Roundtable

District Commissioners and Executives

Eastern Service Area


District Chair – Jason Jones

District Commissioner – Donna Williams

District Director – Kyle Molldene


District Chair – Judge Stephen Toner

District Commissioner – John Coble

District Executive – Brandon Kathman


District Chair – Todd Parrish

District Commissioner – Art Dye

District Executive – Vacant [Sharrod McCree (interim)]

Lake Region

District Chair – Vacant

District Commissioner – Elissa Motter

District Executive  – Julie Plante


Western Service Area


District Chair – Rob Hudson

District Chair – Danny Wendt

District Executive – Henry Johnson, Jr. (as of March 8)


District Chair – Vacant

District Commissioner – Charles Love

District Executive – Ryan Cooper


District Chair – Brian Lehmann

District Commissioner – Tim Bobo

District Executive – Clarissa Castillo


Central Service Area

Fort Brooke

District Chair – Judge Thomas Palermo

District Commissioner – Mike Eldert

District Director – Jeremy Twachtman


District Chair – Rachelle Bedke

District Commissioner – Dr. G. Torres

District Professional – Jason Borton


As commissioners, we share the BSA’s mission: To prepare youth to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


Every member of the BSA has a great Scouting experience. 


  1. Supporting unit growth and retention through the journey to excellence.
  2. Contacting units and capturing in commissioner tools their strengths, needs, and a unit service plan that enables continuing improvement.
  3. Linking unit needs to district operating committee and other resources.
  4. Supporting timely unit, district, and council charter renewals.
  5. Supporting unit leaders by collecting and distributing information, enabling program training, and providing networking opportunities.


  1. Enable an increased number of traditional units.
  2. Enable the retention rate of traditional units.
  3. Enable implementation of a unit service plan through collaborative detailed assessments and an increased number of significant unit contacts.


  1. The UPG Methodology
  2. New Member Coordinators
  3. Unit Key 3
  4. The Unit Service Plan
  5. Journey to Excellence
  6. My.Scouting Tools (Including Commissioner Tools)
  7. Continuous Recruiting
  8. Assigning Resources to Greatest Needs

Retention Mission Statement

The retention mission of the commissioner corps is best achieved by providing an adequate number of trained unit commissioners who provide a link to district committee resources in support of a quality unit program.


Maybe you’d like to be a Commissioner?

It’s a great Scouting job, and very rewarding. Commissioners in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council have many years of experience in Scouting, but that’s not a requirement! Even if you are new to Scouting, if you like working with people to promote good Scouting and solve problems, and you are willing to take advantage of the many Commissioner training opportunities put on throughout the year, you may be a great candidate for this area of Scouting service. Just contact Dwayne Jones Director of Field Service, by email , and you will be on your way. The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Commissioner Corps is currently looking for volunteers at the Unit Commissioner level for all districts.

Commissioner Qualifications

  • Trained Scouter (or willing to be trained)
  • Meet basic Boy Scouts of America membership requirements
  • Willing to visit and regularly contact Scout units
  • Willing to attend district activities
  • Be pro-district and pro-council
  • Willing to attend monthly commissioner staff meetings
  • Willing to live by the Scout Oath and Law


Commissioner Tools Updates (Commissioner Tools 2.0)

Commissioner Tools is available via the  portal. Commissioner Tools helps commissioners perform by providing access to information critical to supporting units. Here are a few examples of Commissioner Tools capabilities:

  • Assign commissioners to units.
  • Record contacts. A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with units to build a friendly and trusting relationship.
  • Roundtable administrations. Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve. In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), the tool provides the ability to record the results and build action plans that may access and incorporate district, council, and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit’s progress. Access unit information.

Commissioner Tools PowerPoint presentation. Includes speaker notes that could be used for local training. Note: For the sake of completeness and to promote learning through repetition, there intentionally is some overlap between this presentation and the Unit Service Plan presentation.

Updates to Commissioner ToolsThis is the most recent update information regarding changes and improvements made to commissioner tools.

 Unit Service Plan

Commissioner Resources and Manuals

Commissioner Assessment Forms

 Pack Detailed Assessment Blank Form       Team Detailed Assessment Blank Form


Crew Detailed Assessment Blank Form          Team Detailed Assessment Blank Form


Ship Detailed Assessment Blank Form

Unit Assessment Forms

Pack Assessment Blank Form         Troop Assessment Blank Form          Crew Assessment Blank Form  


Ship Assessment Blank Form          Team Assessment Blank Form

Upcoming Training

2021College of Commissioner Science       

  • October 30,  2021: 8:30am-5:00pm, Greater Tampa Bay Area Council’s Tampa Service Center, 13228 N. Central Ave. Tampa, FL 33612
    Complete Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral courses offered with ZOOM or on premises.
  • Contact Doc Torres, by e-mail  
  • Contact Staff Advisor-Dwayne Jones
  • Mail in with check:  REGISTRATION FOR COMMISSIONER COLLEGE 2020 pdf
  • On line registration: You must fill out the form found HERE then you must pay HERE

Commissioner College Saturday October 30, 2021

13228 N Central Ave, Tampa, Florida 33612

ZOOM or in Person

8:15am: Check-in begins

8:30am: Opening Ceremonies & Recognition

9:00am – 4:50pm: 7 sessions of courses / lunch

5:00 Degrees presented, and Closing

Registration Fee: $20.00 includes, certificate, and course materials. Lunch will not be provided.

With as many of our pre-registrations being out of state and/or ZOOM, and with

the encouragement that candidates attend via ZOOM, lunch requirements become

difficult.  So as not to become wasteful, please brown bag if you attend in person.


For more information and to register:

Please pay here:


The college of commissioner science is an annual training event for registered commissioners.  It is an opportunity to have a continuing education experience in a college environment.  It helps the commissioner stay current in policy, techniques and application of commissioner service to units.

The purpose of the College of Commissioner Science is to provide supplemental training for all functions in the council and district related to commissioner service. It is recognized that commissioners are key to the continued health and growth of the units in the council.


Credit for a Bachelor of Commissioner Science Degree will be granted by this College if the participant Commissioner completes the following:


  • Has up-to-date Youth Protection Training
  • Has current BSA Youth Protection Training Certificate
  • Completion of “Commissioner Basic Training”



Credit for a Masters of Commissioner Science Degree will be granted by this College if the participant Commissioner completes the following:


  • Current registration as a Commissioner
  • Current BSA Youth Protection Training Certificate
  • Has earned the Arrowhead Honor.
  • Have received a Bachelor of Commissioner Science Degree or a Bachelor of Roundtable Degree, or has been awarded the Commissioner’s Key.


Note: Earning the Doctor of Commissioner Science Degree does not automatically qualify you to receive the Doctorate of Commissioner Service Knot Award.


  • Completes a minimum of 7 additional courses (a total of at least 14), at least 5 of which are Master’s level courses as listed in the national College of Commissioner Science syllabus on the Commissioner Training page on the Commissioners website.
  • Has the approval of their Council Commissioner (or designee).


Credit for a Doctor of Commissioner Science Degree will be granted by this College if the participant Commissioner fulfills the following:


  • Current registration as a Commissioner
  • Current BSA Youth Protection Training Certificate
  • Completion of Master’s Degree in Commissioner Science
  • Has been awarded the Commissioner’s Key


  • Completion of 10 additional courses of instruction (total of 24) at least five of which are at the Doctorate or Continuing Education program level. Courses may not have previously been counted toward other college degrees.
  • The topic must be pre-approved by the College of Commissioner Science committee.
  • Complete the thesis/project using the approved format as determined by the college.
  • The topic and final paper must be approved by the doctoral review committee.
  • All segments (proposal, proposal acceptance, thesis/project completion, thesis acceptance) of the degree must be approved by the College of Commissioner Science.
  • Serve for at least one year on the College of Commissioner Science Staff (instructor or support staff), or work with training support for Commissioners for at least one year.
  • Has the approval of their Council Commissioner (or designee).
  • Completion of 5 years of service in one or more Commissioner positions.
  • Recruit at least 3 new Commissioners.



“The College of Commissioner Science accepts a Commissioner’s course work from any Boy Scouts of America College of Commissioner Science provided that an official transcript is made available.”

The College of Commissioner Science will credit courses from another council to be applied towards a College of Commissioner Science Degree if prior approval has been obtained from the current Dean of the College of Commissioner Science.

Classes taken at a University of Scouting that are not listed in the BSA National Curriculum ( will not be accepted for credit. The College will also honor Commissioner courses taken at the Philmont Training Center. (Please submit a transcript to the College of Commissioner Science Registrar.)



The College of Commissioner Science will continue to recognize degrees earned from other Boy Scouts of America College of Commissioner Science and Philmont Training Center College of Commissioner Science degrees provided that an official transcript is made available.



The College of Commissioner Science will honor all Commissioner Arrowhead, Commissioner Key, Distinguished Commissioner, and the Commissioner Award of Excellence in Unit Service, and the Doctor of Commissioner Science Awards.



Council Commissioner – Bill Guglielmi, G. T. B. A. C.

Dean of the College – Dr. G. Torres, G. T. B. A. C.

Dean of Bachelors – Dr. E. Renker, G. T. B. A. C.

Dean of Masters – W. Haggard, G. T. B. A. C.

Dean of Doctoral – J. Ronayne, Miccosukee

Registrar – Bob Huff, Pathfinder

Assistant Registrar – Matt Cordani, Ft. Brooke



Dr. G. S. Torres, Program Director

 1 May 2021

0815-0830                            Welcome to the Greater Tampa Bay Area’s 2020 College of Commissioner Science

Meeting ID: To be Determined

Passcode: To be Determined

0830-0855                             Opening ceremonies

                                              Guest Speaker                   James Thielen  | Area 4 Commissioner

                               Bachelors Degree                 Masters Degree                  Doctoral Degree

Period 1                 BCS 103                                                 MCS 302                                               DCS 501

0900 – 0950           Linking District Resources                  On-Time Charter Renewal                  Selecting a Project /Thesis Topic

Presenter              Dr. Eric Renker                                       Charles Love                                       Matt Cordani

Room                     Lobby                                                       Masters                                                 Doctoral


Period 2                 BCS 105                                                 MCS 313                                               DCS 502

1000 – 1050           Resolving Common Unit Issues         Onboarding New Commissioners      Limiting the Scope of the Topic

Presenter              Dwayne Jones                                       William Haggard                                  Dr. Eric Renker

Room                     Lobby                                                      Masters                                                  Doctoral


 Period 3                BCS 150                                                 MCS 316                                               DCS 503

1100 – 1150            Roundtables in Commiss Service       Developing the Unit Service Plan     Developing Your Project /Thesis

Presenter               Charles Love                                         Bill Guglielmi                                      Jim Ronayne

Room                     Lobby                                                       Masters                                                Doctoral


1200 – 1300                                                                             LUNCH

Room                                                                                      Lobby


Period 4                 CED 701                                                 CED 701                                               CED 701

1300 – 1350           Combat Comm Stress & Burnout       Combat Comm Stress & Burnout      Combat Comm Stress/Burnout

Presenter               Bill Guglielmi                                        Bill Guglielmi                                       Bill Guglielmi

Room                     Lobby                                                      Lobby                                                   Lobby


Period 5                 BCS 112                                                MCS 352                                              DCS 504

1400 – 1450           Recruiting Unit Commissioners         Roundtable is Over, Now What         Project Thesis Open Workshop

Presenter               William Haggard                                  George Romagnoli                             Matt Kamat

Room                     Lobby                                                     Masters                                                Doctoral


Period 6                 BCS 106                                                MCS 355                                               DCS 514

1500 – 1550           Coaching Leaders                               ADC for RTs in Your District               Building Meaningful Relatnshps

Presenter              Dr. Eric Renker                                     Matt Cordani                                        Jim Ronayne

Room                     Lobby                                                    Masters                                                  Doctoral


Period 7                CED-712                                                CED-712                                                CED-712

1600 – 1650          Friendstorming                                     Friendstorming                                    Friendstorming

Presenter             Dwayne Jones                                       Dwayne Jones                                     Dwayne Jones

Room                    Lobby                                                     Lobby                                                     Lobby


1700 – 1720                   GRADUATION – Bachelors, Masters Colleges and Doctoral Colleges

Room                                                                                              Lobby




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