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Commissioners are district and council volunteer leaders who help Scout units succeed. Commissioners coach and regularly consult with adult leaders of Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, Venturing Crews, Explorer Posts and Sea Scout Ships. They help maintain the standards of the BSA through maintaining regular contact with unit leaders, counseling leaders on where to find assistance, noting weaknesses in programs and suggesting remedies to improve. The commissioner is successful when units effectively deliver the ideals of Scouting to their members.

Meet your Commissioners

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Commissioner Corps

Council Commissioner

Assistant Council Commissioners

  • Carl Hertenstein                      Roundtable
  • Matt Kamat                              Administration
  • Dr. Eric Renker                        Special Projects
  • Dr. G. Torres                            Dean College of Commissioner Science
  • Jake Updegrove                      Training and Recognition
  • James Ronayne                       Special Needs
  • Frank Wigg                               Roundtable

District Commissioners and Executives

Commissioner District District Executive Mobile Phone
Dr. G. Torres Fort Brooke Jason Borton (813) 624-9764
Elissa Motter Lake Region Aaron Pickle (863) 307-1350
Bill Haggard Miccosukee A J Gonzales (727) 785-9045
Adam Clark Suncoast Zachary Schott (813) 210-1788
Daniel Wendt Skyway Matthew Hall (727) 522-3323
Mark Dye Thunderbird Hector Centeno (863) 449-7294
Robert Lindsey Timucua Kyle Molldene (407) 301-6622
Michael Percora Withlacoochee Jeremy Twachtman (863) 224-4230

District Roundtable Commissioners:

Christopher Perry Fort Brooke
Joan Nathans Lake Region
Raymond Siewert Miccosukee
Henry Landry Suncoast
Thomas Pina Bulu Skyway
Russell Cummings Thunderbird—Boy Scouts
Cheryl Dreyer Thunderbird—Cub Scouts
Donna F. Williams Timucua
John Coble Withlacoochee—Boy Scouts
Michelle Percora Withlacoochee—Cub Scouts

Maybe you’d like to be a Commissioner?

It’s a great Scouting job, and very rewarding. Commissioners in the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council have many years of experience in Scouting, but that’s not a requirement! Even if you are new to Scouting, if you like working with people to promote good Scouting and solve problems, and you are willing to take advantage of the many Commissioner training opportunities put on throughout the year, you may be a great candidate for this area of Scouting service. Just contact Jeff Rock, Director of Field Service, by email, and you will be on your way. The Greater Tampa Bay Area Council Commissioner Corps is currently looking for volunteers at the Unit Commissioner level for all districts.

Commissioner Qualifications

  • Trained Scouter (or willing to be trained)
  • Meet basic Boy Scouts of America membership requirements
  • Willing to visit and regularly contact Scout units
  • Willing to attend district activities
  • Be pro-district and pro-council
  • Willing to attend monthly commissioner staff meetings
  • Willing to live by the Scout Oath and Law

Roles of a Commissioner

Commissioner Tools Updates (Commissioner Tools 2.0 – Coming Soon)

Commissioner Tools is available via the  portal. Commissioner Tools helps commissioners perform by providing access to information critical to supporting units. Here are a few examples of Commissioner Tools capabilities:

  • Assign commissioners to units.
  • Record contacts. A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with units to build a friendly and trusting relationship.
  • Roundtable administrations. Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve. In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), the tool provides the ability to record the results and build action plans that may access and incorporate district, council, and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit’s progress. Access unit information.

Commissioner Tools PowerPoint presentation. Includes speaker notes that could be used for local training. Note: For the sake of completeness and to promote learning through repetition, there intentionally is some overlap between this presentation and the Unit Service Plan presentation.

Updates to Commissioner Tools This is the most recent update information regarding changes and improvements made to commissioner tools.

 Unit Service Plan

Commissioner Resources and Manuals

Commissioner Assessment Forms

 Pack Detailed Assessment Blank Form       Team Detailed Assessment Blank Form


Crew Detailed Assessment Blank Form          Team Detailed Assessment Blank Form


Ship Detailed Assessment Blank Form

Unit Assessment Forms

Pack Assessment Blank Form         Troop Assessment Blank Form          Crew Assessment Blank Form  


Ship Assessment Blank Form          Team Assessment Blank Form

Upcoming Training


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College of Commissioner Science        

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