New UPDATES from National BSA for 2019!  

All units will have to print their own registration cards and Charter Renewal.

Internet Rechartering is a web-based method for units to renew their charters from any location with internet access. This method is easy, convenient, and accurate because each unit enters the information themselves. Who better than unit leaders to provide the information about their Scouts?

A representative of each unit can now complete the paperwork for renewing their charter online. You can indicate returning members, add new members, and update information for an individual or your chartered organization.

If your unit is currently using Pack Master or Troop Master Software, we recommend that you start your internet recharter by accepting the ScoutNet data,  and to not upload from your unit software. This gives you the advantage of working with real-time ScoutNet data that may be more accurate than your current unit records and ensures that all BSA standards and requirements are met.


*We no longer print copies of your ID cards, you can print them from internet advancements reports.

Upgrades to Online Rechartering Website

The National Council recently updated the Internet Rechartering application with these new features:

  • The supported browsers for both applications now include Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11. This enhancement provides much greater choice and flexibility with using the renewal process.
  • The infrastructure of both applications has been enhanced to improve the navigation and user experience.
  • Each application now has an optional Summary, known as Renewal Report E-Z, and councils may accept instead of the long-form Renewal Report Package. The Summary includes the signature lines, fee recap, and key metrics. The Renewal Report E-Z will generally be two pages or three pages in larger units.
  • For Internet Rechartering the position of Venturing Participant (VP) has been added for Crews and Ships.
  • Available for selection in Internet Rechartering are the new Unit Religious Emblems Coordinator and Unit Chaplain positions.
  • Internet Rechartering is found in MyScouting Tools > Legacy Web Tools along with Internet Advancement.

Recharter Now Help Tutorial

To view learn more using the online tutorial, please click here.

greater tampa bay area council recharter packet

Renew A Charter Online

Take the Tutorial or view the Knowledge Base to find out more about how Internet Rechartering works.

What You Need To Start

  • Computer Access: During peak hours (7 to 10 pm), the system operates slower. Click Recharter Now to access the website. Select the appropriate button, depending on whether you are new or returning to this process.
  • Unit Access Code: All units should receive an email with a recharter code by November. If you haven’t received your recharter code, please contact your District Executive.

Unit Steps for Internet Recharter

  • Step 1: Unit appoints an adult Recharter Processor.
  • Step 2: Recharter Processor begins collecting information on returning youth members, new youth members, returning and new adults, plus collection of fees from all families.
  • Step 3: Recharter Processor accesses the Internet Recharter link through the Council Website beginning in November.
  • Step 4: Recharter Processor downloads Unit Roster by clicking the Load Council Information link.
  • Step S: Recharter Processor checks the roster and validates that the data is correct and all data conforms to BSA rules. Makes address changes etc., adds new youth and adults, deletes non-returning members.
  • Step 6: Recharter Processor updates member fees—assign any “Multiple” status to members, confirms Boys’ Life subscriptions.
  • Step 7: Recharter Processor reviews all changes and prints draft copy of recharter paperwork to verify all information. Print a draft copy by clicking the “Print Recharter” button.
  • Step 8: Once all information is correct, submit your recharter to the Greater Tampa Bay Area Council by clicking on the “Submit Roster” button and printing Charter Renewal Application.
  • Step 9: Gather all paperwork and get appropriate signatures on cover page of Charter Renewal application.

Final Process

  • Unit submits all paperwork and fees at district recharter turn-in  to Council no later than Dec. 23, 2019
  • All Unit Charters Expire on Dec. 31, 2019 and their registration is dropped Jan. 1, 2020. There is no grace period allowed by the National BSA
  • Units not turned in by this date will not be covered by liability insurance, allowed to purchase advancement awards, or attend district or Council functions
  • If you took YPT early in 2018, you will need to retake it and turn it in with the recharter paperwork for the 2020 year.
  • Also, please provide the hard-signed copy of the “Disclosure and background check authorization form”, no recharter packet will be received without all registered leaders signed documents.

2018 Fees

  • National youth registration: $33.00
  • National adult Registration: $33.00
  • Boys’ Life magazine subscription: $12.00
  • Unit liability insurance fee: $40.00
  • Accident and sickness insurance coverage: $1.50 per participant


  • Recharter Processor should view the Tutorial offered above.
  • Plan to turn in your final paperwork and fees at the District turn-in meetings so that commissioners may identify any
    mistakes or problems. This prevents any delay in processing your recharter.

Application Errors

  • Signature Page: Charter Renewal Application must be signed by the Institution Head and the Unit Leader, verifying the information submitted
  • New Youth and Adults: Applications must be submitted on any new youth or adults that were added during the online process. All youth applications must have youth date of birth, grade level, parent name and date of birth (required for Tiger parents only—recommended for other levels), parent signature, unit designee signature
  • Adult Applications: Must be signed by applicant, Committee Chair and Chartered Organization Representative. Criminal
    Background Check permission form, located on the back side of page two of the BSA Adult Application, must be signed.

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