2017 Spring Card Sale!

Top Seller for 2017

Congratulations goes to Nathan D. from Troop 339, who sold 187 cards this year!  This is Nathan’s fourth year as the Council’s top seller!

Below you will find the Leaders’ Guide and the Unit Commitment Form. Please turn in your unit’s commitment form before March 1st!

camp-card-sampleInformation on the exciting 2017 Spring Discount Card!

The Spring 2017 Card will have something for everyone no matter where you live! The card will consist of two one time use break-off tabs. On the back, there will be a website where the buyer will create an account and enter their zip code. They will pick 10 Premium Single Use Offers and can also use an unlimited multi-use digital coupons.

Key Facts

  1. There will be two break-off tabs that are one time use.
  2. On the back, the buyer will go online and choose 10 premium one-time use discounts
  3. There are then countless other discount offers that can be used over and over again.
  4. The discounts can be chosen anywhere in the country. They don’t have to necessarily be used in the area that you live in.
  5. Top Seller in the Council will receive a drone!!!









March 1st Camp Card Sale Starts
April 30th to May 14th Deadline for Card Returns and Payment
May 15th Commission Drops to 30%
June 1st Commission Drops to 15%





2017 Camp Card Guide Book

Council Card

Allohak Card

Withlacoochee Card