November 8-10, 2019

Flaming Arrow Scout Reservation
1201 Boy Scout Camp Road
Lakes Wales, FL 33898

Course Director: Robb Feld
(727) 288-6785
Assistant Course Director: Randall MacDonald
(863) 838-5373
Powder Horn is a skills resource course for Venturing and Boy Scouting leaders and youth (age 14 and up) of Scouts BSA. Powder Horn is also described as a “hands-on resource management course” designed to give Scouting leaders “the contacts and tools necessary to conduct an awesome high-adventure program” in their Scouting unit. The goals of Powder Horn are to help Scout leaders safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature, provide an introduction to the resources necessary to successfully lead youth through a program of high adventure, and familiarize participants with the skills involved in different high adventure disciplines. The Powder Horn course will also introduce Venturing leaders to the Ranger youth award program, so adults may better help Venturers in meeting the Ranger award requirements. Powder Horn presents a wide variety of hands-on high adventure skills experiences, and thus is not designed to provide specific skills certifications. The course is meant to be held over a one-week period or two three-day weekends. Youth attendees will get first-hand experience and information as well as resources so they can better act as Event Chairs for their units.
Event Cost: $150.00


For YOUTH and ADULT leaders—the perfect family course!

Powder Horn Requirements:

  • Must be a registered Scouts BSA adult, Scout at least 14 years old, Venturer, or member of a Sea Scout ship.
  • Youth must have unit leader approval and have completed either Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST), Crews (ILSC), or Ships ILSS) OR National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT)
  • Adults must be trained for their position
  • All participants must complete Youth Protection Training.
  • Hazardous Weather
  • Safety Afloat
  • Safe Swim Defense
  • Climb on Safely
  • Meet the requirements in the Annual Health and Medical Record physical in a back country environment
  • Each registrant must complete the BSA Annual Health & Medical Record, Parts A-C.

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