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Marketing 101 Presentation: Staff Meeting Power point from 5/07/2018
Download the Council Marketing Guide for details on what marketing opportunities are available to you!

*Events will be completed in order of event date not necessarily in order received*

We are implementing some rather exciting new things in 2019!!

  1. Website– Our website should be a place where everybody can go and get the most accurate/ up-to-date information. We will be making our website top priority. With this shift, information will need to be shared more frequently. I am asking that one person connected to each of the page becomes the update manager. For example, a person affiliated with Friends of Scouting would update the Friends of Scouting page; someone involved with venturing would update that page and so on. This will insure that all the information is the most recent and accurate. Also when anything is edited I will get an email and be able to approve the edit before it goes live. A training course day will be determined at a later date, BUT feel free to call and set an appointment with me and I can teach you the system.
  2. Marketing Needs As the Marketing and Communications Executive I am happy, willing and able to help with any and all of your marketing/graphic design needs. I do ask that if there are events you wish to advertise for, on any of our platforms (Social media, website or e-mail), you first look over the Marketing Guide. Then second fill out the new Marketing Request form, this process cuts down on confusion and missing information. All those links and my information can be found below OR on our website under “Marketing” (
  3. EBlast– Due to the statistics we have received on how our newsletter is doing, we have decided to scale back the frequency of emails sent out. Monthly newsletters will be sent out and only include events submitted through the Marketing Request form
  4. Calendar- At this time we still have a volunteer  updating the calendar HOWEVER we will be doing away with Double Knot.
  5. Online Registration- All new events will be inputted into the new system 247 Scouting. A place holder will created on the calendar (which is populated through Doubleknot) that sends the interested party to the registration page in 247 Scouting.
  6. Surveys- We now have the capability to create Surveys. Eventually a form similar to the new Marketing Request form will be created. In the meantime any urgent survey needs can be emailed to me.
  7. Time Frame- Any submissions for the afore mentioned categories (surveys, marketing help, newsletter articles etc.…) will need to adhere to time restrictions. This means that event advertising requests (for social media, email blast or website) need to be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event. Honestly, anywhere from 2-6 months prior is when you would want to shoot for. This may seem like a long time but when marketing an event you need allot of time to spread the word. Also submissions need to be in at least a week before they go live. For example if the email goes out on a Thursday then the latest you can put in submissions for that week would be the Thursday before.

We will be striving to improve and grow in the upcoming months and can only do so with the whole team on board. I am here to help, please do not hesitate to shoot me an email. Katie Sheffield, Director of Marketing and Special Events.

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